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Arrancar Template


---I thought this was supposed to be a world without pain and without uncertainty. I was wrong. ---

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Unknown
Hollow Aliases: Siegal
Gender: Male
Age: [] 342
Birth Date: January 15th
Rank Status: Noveno
Cero Color: Orange
Aspect of Death: Emptiness
Hollow Hole Location: Middle of his chest

Appearance:He looks similar to a young man estimated around the age of 20, but perhaps even younger but not any younger then 16. He has somewhat pale skin but not quite as snow white as someone would think when told pale. He doesn't look very strong physically, but he is still has enough muscle mass to hold his own in a fist fight. He has chestnut brown hair that stops at around his eyebrows and reaches down to the top of his neck. He has greenish-blue eyes which usually give off a sort of eerie, almost sad look. His hollow hole is around the size of a normal fist right in the lower chest area of his torso. His mask fragment was around his left cheek before it was wiped straight of his face in a battle but he has healed and the skin where his mask fragment once was is now gone. He doesn't wear the usual Arrancar attire like most and instead wears a white winter coat and gloves. He does not like to show of his Arrancar features like his hollow hole. He is about 5'11 in height, just shy of 6 feet but he doesn't mind and is content with his size. He often wears a hat of some sort, whether it be a cowboy hat or a fedora, maybe just his hood sometimes, it doesn't matter to him he just prefers to have something over his head. The rest of his attire is quite normal, t-shirt under his jacket, normal human pants, and sandal shoes like the rest of the Arrancar race. His attire never really changes, even in different seasons like summer, he would still wear his winter coat and gloves.

Personality: Has quite a sort of hedgehogs dillema, creating barriers and granting him the inability to get close to others. He is almost completely unable to get close with people, create bonds with people. He is afraid to let people get know him and fears himself getting to know others. This doesn't mean he is against being social to a very small extent, talking with someone else and such, he is just intimidated by it. He rejects the idea of friendship because he doesn't want to get hurt. He is subconsciously does not allow himself to put his trust and faith on someone other then himself even though deep inside he want someone to which he can do so. He is finds it extremely difficult to express himself with other and wont start up small talk with others unless he is ordered to, or spoken to first. Because of his constant isolation from others and inability to express himself in most conventional ways he has slowly grown mentally unstable. He has developed an anxiety disorder, and fearing almost everything. Although, he usually doesn't show it on his face, he is usually in a constant fear, which can escalate to tremendous lengths in some occasions. This can cause him to be extremely aggressive or create a mental break down, even to the point where he becomes unconscious. When unconscious though, he, instead of being knocked cold, awakens as a monster, far worse then his current state, he becomes what you would portray as a normal arrancar, aggressive beyond belief and irrationally rash, but despite all this, he is not a violent person. If anything, he is a peaceful person, but when forced to fight, he will do so. He has a great desire to be appreciated by others, which stems from his constant loneliness, and will do almost anything it takes to get said praise. Seigal his sense of touch doesn't feel work and feel things, like they should, or at least not the way others can feel it, most of his body is in a constant numbing like state almost like his skin is frozen, but in reality he feels things in other ways. He cannot feel heat. He is extremely protective of his allies(Other Arrancars), for they are the closest things to friends he has, though not quite friends of his yet. If he were ever able to make a true friend he would hold this person above all other things, treating them with the kindness and would gladly give his own life for that person, of course, this might never happen because of the wall he has put up between him and everyone else. He is quite the technician and could be considered a genius in the art of war, but he doesn't like to lead or tell his ideas. He is far to shy and scared to be a leader, so his genius isn't really used to its potential. This is rather unfortunate. Seigal can be quite childish as he was never really able to mature in life. He doesn't like sharing with others. He can be very selfish when it comes to his things. Seigal can appear rather chill during daily life, hiding his true loneliness and fear between this guise, not representing his true self, but deep down inside, all he wants, is to be loved.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability: His initial power is a barrier manifested around him at just about all times. The barrier isn't reiatsu, actually being his own natural life force taking the physical form. It is manipulable, being able to extend 5 meters from the body or stick to him like his very skin. It remains invisible unless struck by some sort of weapon or energy based substance, which it then takes the form of orange hexagon-like figures extending outwards. The shield can be used for very short range offense, but it usually remains where it is. It is capable of blocking kido all the way to #68 and the majority of blunt attacks. Withstanding forces similar to that of a 80 mph train(Didnt know how to rank brute force to well) If destroyed, because it is made out of his life force, he takes significant damage internally. It also causes quick fatigue lasting one or two posts. The shield takes 5 posts to regenerate.

  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 0
    Cero / Bala
  • Level 3
  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time

Seigal doesn't remember much of his human life, for he was quite young when he had still lived among the living, He only remembers a small glimpse of his parents. In reality, he was given up as a child. He was an orphan, but he never knew this himself as he was far too young to understand what an orphanage was. He lacks any memory oft his time as he had blocked it out of his head, he no longer remembered why or how, but it was completely erased as he no longer remembered anything from age 1 all the way to age 6. What had happened was, the caretakers were quite irresponsible, cruel and ugly. the clique within the clique was that he had been beaten across this orphanage, back and forth. The caretakers toke out all their anger on the children there, they wanted complete and total obedience. Seigal didn't have friends in the orphanage, no one did. The children never spoke to each other, the only sounds they ever made were the sounds of crying. Not loud annoying crying but silent crying. The crying when one has completely lost all hope.

This was a cruel and tough life style. Seigal would have glad he had totally forgotten about this. If not, he probably would have been scarred for the rest of his Arrancar life. Everything beyond age 6 he did remember though. He had run from the terrible orphanage, leaving the place with immense scars and broken bones. He had limped all the way from that awful town, going straight, following the roads towards a huge city he had never seen before. Seigal didn't know much about the world, nothing at all. He had tried making a living but he wasn't quite making it. Turns out its hard to earn money when your only 6, so he needed up living on the streets. It was a lonely life indeed. He didn't get much money from begging, cause humans are huge jerks and cant spare a few cents for a lonely 6 year old boy. His body was still broken and untreated, he had many cuts and infections. Broken bones weren't healing and such. He was a broken child, living off scraps in dumpsters and stealing from others. He hated this way of life. It was quite depressing for him and for those watching. He survived cold winters and battled disease countless times, barely making it by. His life force was slowly slipping away. He almost couldn't take it anymore. He wanted company. He had been alone for so long.

He spent 2 years living on the streets. Two whole years barely making it by and eating whatever he could find. He was still broken physically, and mentally he was slipping away. His eyes were cold and lifeless, If he wasn't still moving around people would think he were dead. Little did he know, he was sure to actually be dead. At the age of 8 he had realized something. He learned he could see the dead, he never spoke with them, but they were there. He could see them pass through walls and people couldn't see them. They had strange chains on their chest. They were strange things. It wasn't because his reiatsu levels were higher then normal. The reason he could see spirits was because he was on the verge of death. He was almost a dead boy and he knew it.

He was starved, broken and defeated. He no longer wanted to live in this terrible world. He found this city to be hell. This was an existence he no longer wanted. It was so vicious and unforgiving out there. He was slowly slipping away when he got a glimpse of something out of the ordinary. It was a sort of beast with a strange mask over its head. It was not a normal soul from what Seigal had seen. It didn't have a chain, instead it had a hole where the chain was normally at. So at first he hid. He did not like the presence that was being emitted from the beast. He had tried keeping out of sight yet following this creepy bogey monster. He followed this thing to the best of his abilities to keep up. That is when he saw something quite incredible. This wasn't incredible as in amazing and cool, but incredible as in astonishingly evil and gross. Seigal was literally shaking in fear. To see something so gruesome, It started changing something in him. He was slowly becoming who he was in current times. He was learning that the world wasn't sunshine and butterflies. If his life on the streets and cruelty of the human race didn't, this certainly did.

Seigal found hollows to be the wolves and the ghosts/pluses to be sheep to the wolves. It seemed like a terrible world indeed. What cruel thing made this world. Was this world meant to make people suffer? Seigal didn't know anymore. He thought he should just end it there, He had a broken glass bottle and pointed it straight at his neck, quickly about to end his own life. This wasn't how things would work out though. A huge shadow slowly loomed over the small boys body. Before stabbing himself in the throat he saw this shadow. Quickly stopping his hands advance. He slowly turned around. Behind him he saw a huge masked creature, opening its jaws. It was drooling down on the ground. It was so bestial that he could not help but scream. He turned around and attempted to cut it with the glass in his hand. Unfortunately he couldn't do anything to it, it was just like the Pluses earlier, they couldn't be touched by physical substances. The beast quickly opened its jaws, swallowing the boy whole with an extreme speed.

Was this really his fate? To become a part of this monster? Was that all he was to be in life? No. This couldn't be it for him. He was going to fight. His fear had grown so much that he had grown a pair. His life force grew tremendously, while his reiatsu started growing as well. He was literally stealing this hollows reiatsu with his own life force. He was killing this hollow from the inside out. He was able to open up this hollow and jumped out of this ugly bastard, and then, his reiatsu blasted and disintegrated the hollow. Unfortunantly, his human body was destroyed. The hollow had destroyed the body, this wasn't all bad though. His injuries didn't translate over to the new ghost body. His body was deformed, his torso and lags were completely disfigured and full of gore all over the ground. Siegal was ok with this though, he found this to be a new beginning, he no longer had all those scars and his body was much fuller then it was, he no longer was starving, though he was still hungry but he was able to fill himself up because of the hollows reiatsu he had absorbed. Of course, this was not healthy for a normal soul, not even good for a Shinigami to absorb so much hollow power.

His chain was slowly eating away at itself. It was faster then most other souls he saw wandering around. It was weird to Seigal, for he didn't understand much about souls yet. He didn't know much at all, He never went to school so he didn't quite have any school smarts. Of course, Seigal would later address this problem later in his life, but for now he was a poor uneducated brute. Which was quite ironic because these brutes were the things Seigal hated the most out of the Arrancars. This was all right with him at the time for he had somehow found new hope in his strange new strength. He was quite able to wrestle against other hollows, even though he was only still a plus, but with the constant amount of hollow power he was consuming, his body was changing. He was losing his soul chain and he would occasionally spit out this weird white substance. The substance resembled a hollows mask, but he didn't mind, he was becoming power hungry, he had figured, if he could gain strength, he would no longer be afraid.

Of course, he was unable to hold it back yet, he was slowly becoming the thing he hated. He no longer was able to avoid it. His pursuit of power was creating a strange monster and Seigal was just realizing this. It was too late for him to fight back. He spent a long while attempting to fight it but it was way too late to stop the hollow advances of the other side. He allowed himself to be taken over, his chain was ripping itself away. The hole was forming in his chest, creating his new hollow hole. White substance was coming out of his mouth (Lol) forming a mask, forming his new face. His body would morph, transforming into a new being entirely. He looked rather humanoid for a hollow. This wasn't a Vasto Lorde form, just a funny coincidence, that he had such a human like shape, his mask was still there and covering his face. His body was rather skeletal, but only to a certain point.

This was his first step to becoming the future espada, and a great espada he would become. He was a normal hollow at this time though. He didn't retain any of his old self, he was now a vicious creature of not so mass yet destruction. Instead of eating normal plus souls, he only feasted on other hollows, they were the only beings to which he enjoyed feasting, they offered a challenge that the plus just didn't seem to offer. They created this sense of fear that he just couldn't ignore, and because he feared them he needed to kill them, so he could not fear them any longer. His fear was so great that he wasn't afraid. It was quite interesting how his fear was cancelling itself out somehow.

He hunted in the forest of the Menos, he was a solitary warrior, as he was too powerful to travel with allies, not without killing them. This blood lust was incredible, he was killing groups of hollows all over. Till he finally grew an immense size. He was becoming a Menos Grande, losing himself to the horde of other hollows he had consumed. This was an outrage. To have done so much work just for it all to go to hell. He didn't want this life. To be a huge tall pole of hollows. It was degrading for him at the time, but at the same time he liked it, being so close to other beings, in a way it felt comforting, but the body was still quite clumsy and rather silly. He didn't like looking the same as all the other hollows in the forest and would much rather have skipped this form somehow, but this unquenchable thirst for reiatsu just let him keep going. As a Menos Grande he struggled with all the other powerful hollows he had merged with for control of the big brute called the Menos. It was like their very own civil war, cept none of them could really die, just be suppressed inside the beast. Siegal fought, only because that is what his instincts told him. He didn't like leading but that is what some other worldly force was telling him to do, and thus he would do it.

He spent months trying to overcome the willpower of the other hollows inside the thoughtless beast, while the body just wandered, eating the other Menos, This Menos was also solitary like Siegal was before he joined the beasts melting pot of souls. He knew this was the best way to advance. To bond with other hollows was a mistake, for you would just end up killing or being killed. It was something Siegal despised. To be stabbed in the back by your so called "Friend", he had seen it happen among the small Menos group. It was quite gruesome. The mindless vessels were quite chaotic. The struggle for control was truly tough, you see, it was all about the willpower of the hollow inside, each one of them wanting to live and trying to take control, only the one with the strongest will would get this privileged, and that is what every hollow strives for, the chance to live, so they could continue their evolution, become stronger, so they could survive and live even longer. It was the cycle and it was in a way, quite amazing. It was like a huge hunting ground. Eat or be eaten, no real grey area in between.

This was an easy to understand system, system of which all life use to follow, but one species decided they would rise above that, this species is now known as the human species. They decided that they could increase their chances by not relying on their own physical abilities but rather the tools and inventions they created, they evolved in a way beyond that of genes and their physical traits, they evolved the ability to think and create. They gained the power of Gods, but not in quite the same way. They had to do it the manual way, but it was still quite impressive that they were at one time, simple monkeys swinging from vines, no knowledge at all, just flinging shit at each other and scratching their heads with the same hand.

Now, humans are the dominant race, they control the world. Technology hasn't become just a survival tool, it has become a part of the species itself, It is impossible to live in this new society without it. The human race is becoming less and less organic and turning into a mechanical creation. the thing that helped them raise above all the other races, is swallowing them whole and transforming them into something far from what they use to be. They have become shadows of there once wild selves. It is an evolution beyond the rules of nature. Far beyond the natural laws we once used to follow so obediently, but now things have changed, the human species makes their own rules.

Seigal had then decided. He would take this body and make it his own. He wasn't going to skeptically try and take over, he was in it all the way, he wanted to survive, he wanted to overcome this obstacle, even if he was afraid of it, he would find away to suck up this fear, just till he was out of this primordial soup of souls. He couldn't take being so close to these people that he didn't even know. It was like being on a crowded bus full of strangers who kept bumping into you and yelling in your face, doing weird things while you weren't paying much attention to them. It was sickening to have so many other hollows so close to him. He actually wanted to be alone, and this is where his own life force and will manifested into what would end up being, his own special power. Something far beyond the usual hollow powers of a simple cero and some strong instincts. This was his ace in the hole, his very own, no one else could use it, special power.

This of course gave him the strength to easily overpower the other hollows inside the menos, this granted him powers of which he had striving for, the ability to protect himself from his fear, the ability that could him from letting others close, from getting hurt by them. He had finally taken over the body of this huge dumb statue, and with it, he quickly slaughtered every single menos in the area with speed, faster then a normal gillian. It was almost like a shunpo, but not quite that fast. This was his Adjuchas form slowly awakening, transforming him into something better then his previous, stiff and bulky form. He shrank to a much smaller size then one would normally think would come after becoming a black and white cloaked giant. But he could feel his power reaching a far higher level then he could have ever imagined. He toke on a humanoid like form similar to his first hollow form, much before the transformation into the despicable Gillian form that he had stayed in for so long. He almost felt bad for the other Gillians, unable to think with an internal power struggle constantly raging inside its body.

Seigal wasn't actually quite rid of that yet. He still had a blood lust for hollows, it was something he disapproved of but he couldn't quite help it. It was thrust upon him and he had to keep on going to stay in charge of this new body. He didn't want to become a Gillian again, he didn't want to go through that crowded bus, he was sick of that hell and would do everything in his power to avoid that. So, he kept on feeding, he ate other Adjuchas, sometimes devoured Gillian, but never picked on the small fry. He gave the weaker hollows a chance at survival, allowing them to go as far as they could before just becoming a part of a bigger hollow. though chances were very slim, he knew that other hollows could reach the same level he had reached, and many already had. Though Siegal didn't know there was an evolution above his current, he continued to feed, not for evolution, but for control of his body. He didn't want to share his newly acquired form with the other hollows he had devoured, he was far to childish to do that. For after all, he was only 8 when he became a hollow. Too young to understand how life was, its ups and downs, the only thing he had ever experienced were the hardships, never the time where he could enjoy being with others, he had once heard about the feeling one gets with company, but he had never felt this way, maybe it was because his only company were drooling things that wanted to kill him only for their own survival and power. That was probably it.

But as more and more time passed, he had wanted to have this feeling, but his instincts screeched in his ears not to. He had tried joining groups of other hollows, but they always wanted to use him, eat him and steal his own power. They were only hollows after all. They were just following what the world of Hueco Mundo was telling them to do. Siegal didn't like this anymore. He grew impatient with this system and wanted to seek something bigger and better. Something like the Shinigami had, what did they call it? oh yea, a soul society, someplace where they no longer had to kill each other to keep alive, but this was something that he didn't think would ever exist in the desert so desolate. He was hoping hard that something magically would just somehow appear and make this happen, but it did not happen, not just like that. He had been unaware of Las Noches because to be honest, at the time it was still just being constructed, It wasn't a huge dome like it is at the present day period. So instead he had to keep going, doing his daily routine within the land that was always night.

He barely left the dimension of Hueco Mundo, he didn't like the human world, he believed it to be a broken society, and the Shinigami were too much of a threat most of the time. Though he had gone as a weaker hollow, he rarely ever staid long. He had seen other hollows get slaughtered by the sword of a shinigami. it did not look fun. In fact, it actually looked quite painful and displeasing. So he had avoided traveling to the other side much. But the one time he had tasted Shinigami reiatsu, it was like an exotic delicacy, similar to lobster or a french wine. Way overpriced but so exquisite that it is almost worth, almost. So eventually he would surpass the huge gap between Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde.

You see, Vasto Lorde were like a legend, considered a myth by many, but to those who had ever seen one and lived to tell the tale, they were the strongest things in the desert of the endless night, almost impervious to all damage done, agile and powerful, able to easily slice you in two before you have enough time to blink. They were the thing every hollow had a desire to be. With that kind of power there was no telling what one could do. The only problem is, no one truly knows how to become a Vasto Lorde. No one except a Vasto Lorde, and even they are quite sketchy on the details. All everyone really knew was that it toke an immense amount of reiatsu and feeding to reach this point. So it was very rare for one to posses the power of the final class of hollow. Even though most hollows greatly wanted to become one, Siegal could have careless, he believed the final evolution to be something sort of like Santa Claus, something the Adjuchas hollow tell themselves so they can push themselves farther and become stronger. Or at least that is what he had believed, till he became one himself. He was just munching on a hollow he had killed recently when he felt something weird happen to his reiatsu and form, it was kind of like his stomach growling, but it was not because he was hungry. It was a strange sensation that overcame his body when he was soon covered in this strange light and power. He was evolving! Dun dun dun dadada dun, and don't you dare push that B button. He was wrapped in a veil of energy before being dropped down, smaller then he was before.

So he finally became a Vasto. This came as a huge surprise to the once non-believer, but this was the good kind of surprise, almost like a surprise-birthday party, too bad Siegal didn't know how one of those felt like. It was a sort of lonely celebration, if you could call it that. After reaching this new form, filled with new powers, he didn't quite know what to do with himself. Should he continue eating hollows? Find the other Vasto Lorde? Maybe just finish up his unfinished meal? so many possibilities to choose from, which seat should he take, Friday, Friday, got to get down on Friday, er, just ignore that. What was there to do after passing this evolutionary step. He could call himself stronger and better then the arrogant Adjuchas, but he wasn't that kind of person, there were way to many possibilities, so instead he decided to meander around. He decided that whatever he was meant to do in this new form would come to him rather then having him attempting to find it.

This ultimately failed and he didn't end up getting him anything besides a few short hunts. He grew lonely, unable to be with other hollows due to the fear they reached when he was near, little did he know that he felt the same fear, he had regained most of his conscious when transforming into a Vasto Lorde, his body had regained control and he was also no longer in his scared shitless to the point where he is Rambo mode. He had lost this power, along with regaining some of his humanity. He also realized that he had yet to learn anything he should have learned while still a human back in what they called school. this put him in a slight disadvantage when it came to smarts but he had found a way to overcome this. You see, his plan was to go to the world of the living and find a thing called a book. He was going to teach himself not only how to read, but he would also read about every other school subject, to the point where he would have learned everything he would have been required to know.

This started out as more of hobby but as time went on he began to devote all his time to it. He was going back and forth between worlds so he could steal books and bring it back to the home he had made inside some rocks. He was able to avoid Shinigami and hide his reiatsu so he wouldn't put anyone in danger. He didn't want to cause any harm with his pursuit of knowledge. He learned at an amazing rate and was easily able to learn far more then the usual school as a human could teach, he spent years learning and reading, for he had all the time in the world to do so. He was immortal after all and he didn't age at the same rate as the living. He had grown to despise the big brute he use to be, as well as all the other big idiots that plagued Hueco Mundo. While in this hiatus of learning, he had began to become lonely. He didn't have the ability to make friends and was unable to find anyone that wanted to be his friend in the first place. He was too strong for his own good.

This is when he had learned of something, something he had dreamed of for years. He had overheard some hollows that were passing by, speak of this huge dome out too the west of Siegals location, almost impossible to miss, where hollows who had achieved hollow powers created a society, a society equal to that of the Sereitei. A place where they wouldn't just slaughter each other for the heck of it. the only puzzling thing is that there was mention of a word he was unfamiliar with, Arrancar. He knew what it meant in the Spanish language, but this was used in a far different manner then one usually would use it, but no matter. Siegal would start to head out in search of this paradise.

After a long walk from home, he could see the dome, looming over the sands. It was quite difficult to miss due to its immense size and lack of anything to obstruct your view of it. Siegal believed himself to be close to it. This was quite a mistake, in reality he was extremely far from it, and had a long way to go before he could even begin to see the true size of this behemoth building. This was quite the architectural feat, especially for hollows. It was almost as if some other race had built it instead. but before he could make it all the way there, he met a middle aged man. this man was dressed in a white coat and had a hollow hole, but his mask was broken and his form was far more humanoid then even Siegals own Vasto Lorde look and he was carrying a Zanpakuto like sword. This was far more puzzling then he had previously thought. His first reaction was to attack this strange hybrid. He clashed with the Arrancar till eventually he was able to slice both his enemies arms clean off. This is where Siegal got curious, he asked this man everything he knew, what he was, and his connections to the huge building. Siegal had gotten all the info he needed. To rip ones mask off. That sounded crazy.

After finally making it all the way to the building he was greeted by a flurry of hollows with a few low level Arrancar, this was child's play though. He was quickly able to overpower about all the hollows and the Arrancar were not a match for this Vasto Lorde. Siegal was starting to lose hope in this new society, with all this bloodshed, and he hadn't even entered the building. Not the first impression he was hoping for, but that would all change shortly. After entering the building through a conveniently placed door that was leading inside, he quickly followed the corridors, entering what seemed to be a meeting room of some sort. He saw two men sitting down, discussing something. One turned to view the Vasto Lorde. Welcome, were his first words. This was all a little much for Siegal. It was so strange, it was as if he was no longer in Hueco Mundo. After being reviewed and having a few tests, it had become obvious that he had the strength to become an amazing warrior, but he first needed to become an Arrancar.

This was something he didn't want to do. He didn't want to become anything like a Shinigami, he viewed their race as cruel dictators of the soul realms, but he would do as he was told. The process was long and painful but he was able to survive through, coming out much more human then he had been in years. Siegal would then be given clothing and would take his spot as an Espada.

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PostSubject: Re: Bippity Boppity Boo   Bippity Boppity Boo Icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 1:28 pm

Quote :
His mask fragment was around his left cheek before it was wiped straight of his face in a battle but he has healed and the skin where his mask fragment once was is now gone

Mask needed, no loopholes.

Quote :
When unconscious though, he, instead of being knocked cold, awakens as a monster, far worse then his current state, he becomes what you would portray as a normal arrancar, aggressive beyond belief and irrationally rash, but despite all this, he is not a violent person.
No. You get knocked out, you're knocked out. You can awake as whatever when you come out of your coma state.

Quote :
Seigal his sense of touch doesn't feel work and feel things, like they should, or at least not the way others can feel it, most of his body is in a constant numbing like state almost like his skin is frozen, but in reality he feels things in other ways. He cannot feel heat.
No. You feel heat and all else, unless your resurrection ability or innate permits you not to.

Yeah, absorb the Hollow and all that at the tender age of 8, no worries, as long as no special powers or exceptions to certain things arises in RP.

No, you don't become a Vasto Lorde, remove please. If you wish to pursue this case further, harass one of the admins.

Everything else is fine.

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