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 Mizuhana The Guardian

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Mizuhana The Guardian   Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:56 am

Mizuhana- stands at 20ft tall and looks more like an Amazonian warrior a true “amazoness” wielding a huge claymore used to cut down unwanted guests. Mizuhana despite her size is rather beautiful and though manlier in regards to size compared to most men. There are some Shinigami who would take the time of day and attempt to court her. Mizuhana is dressed in blue tights covering her body from the waist down. White boots and with what looks to be a white skirt with blue flower designs on it. The amazoness sports a white belly top blouse, with gauntlets on her arms. A certain headband is worn around her forehead, also keeping her long beautiful black hair in place. Mizuhana also possesses great strength and speed also like the other gate guardians. She uses powerful waves of water to do away with intruders. As a gate guardian tasked with guarding the Seireite, Mizuhana possess a rather uncanny ability that allows her to sniff out intruders that are not Shinigami from quite a distance away. This prevents unwelcome guests from easily entering the Seireitei without proper clearance. Mizuhana is also the guardian of the Blue Stream Gate in the east squadron.
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Mizuhana The Guardian
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