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PostSubject: Buki   Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:28 pm

Fullbringer Template


--This lava shall be your resting place---

Fullbringer Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Shogo
Character Aliases: Buki
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birth Date: 4/4
Rank Status: Shōakuma

Xtinction Role: War's Embodiment

Appearance: Buki is about five feet seven inches tall, his body is easily on part with a top athlete. His muscles are slightly bulky however, his slightly broad shoulders connect with his burnt arms, his nimble hands just get past his waist and touch his thighs. His torso seems like it just makes it as average size wise but if you look at it without a shirt on you can see his toned muscles and of course six pack.
His legs are slightly thinner than the average male legs but they are quite durable, due to his exercises and parkour he does. He has burn marks on most of his body due to an accident with his fullbring.

It is rare to see his full face even his friends haven't seen it, due most of his face being scared from a horrible accident with his powers. He has burn marks that go from both cheeks down to his arms and stop near his wrists. His face is rather slim and his cheeks are slightly defined as well as his slightly square jaw.
He shows his mellow hazel eyes often but they usually have a cold look about them, above are well trimmed very dark brown eyebrows, they almost seem black. He has short dark brown hair, his fringe however seems to have two strands that just touch his eye brows.
His nose isn't anything special, it is slightly pointy at the tip and seems kind of small. His ears are the same, small round at the top and usually aren't noticed.

Buki usually wears a face mast that covers to mid way of his nose in order to hid the scars on his face, usually he wears a light skin tight shirt to hide the scars on his arms and is rarely seen without wearing one as well as wearing a pair of dark red gloves that seem to have small tinges of orange to it. For normal every day wear he just wears a pair of jeans a t-shirt and possibly a jumper if the weather is getting too cold.
For his work he wears a dark blue uniform consisting of a coat that reaches just past the waist and the collar is usually up, it has a badge on the right hand side of the chest symbolizing his rank and role. Also wears slightly baggy trousers with a black belt and finally his black trainers, he wears trainer because he finds the boots unappealing if he needs to do running.

Personality: Despite his cold and somewhat sheltered demeanor Buki isn't as anti social as he seems, hes just a bit awkward at getting into conversations and meeting new people. When he feels comfortable around people he shows more of his social side as well as showing some loyalty to the person. His fighting style is surprisingly aggressive, though he does use tactics though not as much as he should, during fights he seems to be come more and more violent as the fight goes on, showing off more of angrier side.
Outside of fighting he doesn't do much expect exercise and train his abilities but even he will have breaks and sometimes go out.

Buki has a strong sense of justice and he won't stand for injustice even if it is from fellow members of Xiciution. He has little patients for those who do not up hold the law, however he doesn't quite grasp some of the complex aspects of life, so he has a very black and white view on the world. He has a distaste for being called by his birth name, as he sees Shogo as no longer existing.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

    Bringer Light
  • Level 1
  • Level 1
  • Level 1
  • Level 1
  • Level Hollow heritage 1

Once Upon A Time

His great grand father had an encounter with a hollow which he narrowly survived, how ever he was scared from the incident. He had a child who would later become Bukis grand father on his fathers side.

As a very young child Shogo was taken to Kagamino city, with his mother . They lived a moderately good life, his mother worked in the city, he wasn't took social as a child and was often staying away from other children because he often felt out of place and really didn't know how to talk with others all that well. His father had died before he was born apparently killed by a hollow all Shogo had of his father was his white gloves.

A hollow attacked the city when he was sixteen, he was trying to save his mother from the attack but the hollow fatally wounded her, at the moment Shogo's fullbringer powers surfaced and he manged to burn the hollows mask however he had also burned himself scaring himself from his cheeks,arms and most his torso. He didn't kill the hollow however, and only served to anger it at the moment he thought he was going to die until other fullbringers came and killed the hollow.

After that Shogo had become more closed off to the world, hiding his scars and attempted to hide his powers, his fathers gloves that were once white now red and orange, a similar color to the lava. After months of depression, physical and mental therapy he decided to join Xiciuction. The training he went through felt like hell, at first he was one of the worst his body seemingly not being able to keep up with the others and he was unable to manifested his power due to the fear of harming himself.
It took him four year of what felt like hell to able to manifested and actually use his ability.

He was put into the War embodiment and was sent to fight hollows, once he and several others were facing a hollow, which had killed several civilians and in his anger that he had slowly killed the hollow by hindering its limbs with blades made out of lava and then transformed the weapons into a puddle of lava where it slowly sank and he uttered the words "This lava shall be your resting face" after the incident he began to refer to himself as "Buki".
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I deem you APPROVED.

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