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 Maria Adelite - Wicked Spear

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Maria Adelite

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PostSubject: Maria Adelite - Wicked Spear   Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:30 pm

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Maria Adelite

--- Tell me.. why are you loyal to the Cero Espada? ---

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Maria Adelite
Hollow Aliases: The Wicked Spear
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Age: 659
Birth Date: Febuary 14th
Rank Status: Cero Espada's Fraccion.
Cero Color: Red
Aspect of Death: Devotion
Hollow Hole Location: Lower left chest, around the ribcage area

On an exterior level, Maria most certainly does not appear that strong from her looks. She stands at about 5'2, with a rather thin form, only weighing around 121lb. Not to say her thin figure is a bad thing, allowing her ease of movement. There are some minor curves to her form, particularly around her backside, as her chest is somewhat small.  Bright red hair cascades down her back, and frames her face's softer features. Rather lengthy her hair reaches down passed her waist when not tied up. When her hair is tied up as it usually is, it comes up to her waist. Eyes that almost match the shade of her hair tends to show varying amount of emotion in accordance to her mood and how she wants to hide. Her feminine form does hide one secret however, given her hermaphrodite nature. it is not something that Maria is keen on revealing without some reason.

In regards to her choice of attire, Maria has some interesting preferrence, though her favorite color might be quite evident. Red boots reaching nearly to her knee with a white stripe running up the sides, matching the cuff of the boots, which partially obscures a strange design accented in metal. Black thigh highs run up her legs, leaving only a bit of thigh exposed between them and a pale reddish skirt. Just above that is the hints of a black top with white trim, hanging out underneath her outer dress. Said outer dress of sorts, parts at her stomache leading out into white frills as it descends below and wraps back to meeting behind her legs. Above the part, is where it overlaps and several small golden buttons lead up to a white trim accenting a perculiar design around an opening in her chest where a crimson gem sets, and a last button at the base of the collar. This odd dress has no sleeves, however there are a form of "sleeves" you could possibly call them, detached, clinging to her arms tightly, with a dark "cuff" of sorts.

At a glance, Maria is a rather interesting individual. Her expressiveness varies with her mood. should she want to hide, she is very good at 'donning a mask' for lack of a better term, covering how she feels behind a false expression, though catching her off guard sometimes would be enough to, if just for a moment, see through the mask. However, hiding her feelings away is actually a quite rare occurrence with Maria, as she is normally rather bold and not that reserved. She's rather open about speaking her mind and opinions, and in her actions. With Maria, body language can be just as good as words, and it's something she's good at reading. Although she does seem quite open, there are things she does keep secret from most people, such as the true nature of her gender, those being secrets reserved for people she sees as close, or people with no reason to keep secrets from.

One will often find Maria snacking on something. Usually human world snacks, which she seems to stockpile somewhere. One of her favorites being pocky; which you will almost never find her without a box of. The only answer Maria has when someone asks why she snacks so much is simply a shrug accompanied with "I enjoy it." It's just a weird quirk she has. Another is her levels of devotion. Once she has devoted herself to something, she sees it through to the end, no matter the cost. It's this devotion that has brought Maria to the status she is at now. It could carry her further, if she weren't content with her current position..

Out of all the troops whom work for the Cero Espada, Armonia, Maria is probably one of the most loyal, not due to the powers she holds, or fear, or anything of the sort, but out of respect. For her, and her desires and dreams for the future. Maria's loyalty is not perfect however and she may not always agree with the Cero Espada, she will still obey her orders. Though Maria's true feelings towards her actually runs quite a degree deeper then simply business matters and respect. She is quite affectionate towards her, though it is one of the few things she is not as open about; at times she attempts to show it "subtly" in moments of boldness; some of these less subtle then others. A hint others might catch more often however, is finding her staring almost wistfully at Armonia when nearby.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability:
Poison Saliva- Maria has a strange ability to turn her saliva into a strange poison, however it is optional; it's poison properties only activated when needed. On it's own, she can fire a burst of it like a small liquid bullet; usually aimed at a particular bodypart, as it will cause a slight paralysis in that limb for 2 of their posts. This can be applied.. directly, for a wider effect that spreads across most of the body for a single post, but it's something she almost never does.

Poisoned Blade- Maria is able to apply her saliva to any bladed weapon, even if necessary a borrowed zanpakuto from a downed ally, though obviously not able to use it's natural abilities. It can be applied in any way that would spread it across the blade, but generally done as she drags her tongue along the blade's edge, coating it directly. The poison will last on the blade for 3 of her own posts. On the blade it gains new properties as a poison, if it is able to cut the flesh the poison will mix into the blood as the wound is opened, beginning to weaken and drain her opponent's strength/energy, and make them more sluggish in movements, lasting for 2 of their posts before it fades from their system. After the poison has worn off from the blade, the application has a cooldown of 3 posts.

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    Cero / Bala
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Once Upon A Time

~Living Life~
~Rise To Strength~

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Maria Adelite - Wicked Spear
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