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 Playful things[locked until after event]

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Jin Hoshigawa

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PostSubject: Playful things[locked until after event]   Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:14 am

A creek in the floor could be heard from several districts away; or at least that's how the current captain of squad 10 felt. No one in the room was speaking, the silence was becoming defining and sooner or later he was going to crack. Two crimson hued eyes stared forward at the other man across from him, a single canine escaping through the bottom of his lip. A scowl was spreading from right to left, and the other man didn't know what to do. Jin was rocking back and forth on his stool as he balanced himself on a single leg. A pen tapped the clipboard, and even with everything in his hands, he didn't write anything, say anything. His nose crunched up and then he dropped to the floor. "Look..." He started, looking down at his board. "Lee-yu...You're good, I like you but are you lieutenant material?"

The question was almost rhetorical as Jin released his reiatsu little by little; he watched as it became harder, and harder for him to breath. the young shinigami nearly hurled before He stopped, pulling it back before smiling. "When you can breathe around me, come back. I like your sword, by the's REALLY cool." The other man scurried off, mumbling nothings to himself before Jin stood from his seat, rubbing his face and placing his haori back onto his back. There may be times where the young captain got serious, but it was mostly filled with playfulness, kind words, and a carefree attitude; but not today. He needed to be at least mostly serious. He needed someone that he could count on in battle should he ever find himself in a tight spot.

He took in a long, deep breath trying to calm his nerves. This wasn't how he expected to end the day, he had been interviewing people all day and not a single one of them could even hope to take a breath around him. Then, before he could close up shop he heard a knock. What was this, another candidate? He scurried to his seat, grabbed his pen and clipboard, once more replaced his stoic features with a more serious one before leaning back on one leg of the stool. Clearing his throat, he called out loudly.
"Come in!" One of his unseated shinigami stood at the door, shaking his head with Jin dripping his head. He's been looking for a new Lieutenant for the last week but to no avail not a single candidate met his requirements. Shaking his head he stood walking for the door before swinging it open and shunpoing to the front. "Alright everyone, training time!"
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Playful things[locked until after event]
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