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 Ganryu The Guardian

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PostSubject: Ganryu The Guardian   Ganryu The Guardian Icon_minitimeWed Mar 14, 2012 5:57 am

Ganryu- This gate guardian looks to be the oldest of the other Gate guardians, dressed much like a Shinigami does in a kimono albeit his being sleeveless ones. Despite his age, Ganryu is a giant and one that is rather powerful, and with a well toned body to match. Ganryu wears a eye-patch over his left eye having been blinded centuries ago. He has long white beard and moustache with black jewels in his ears. On his back is a huge fan that is built for one purpose, and that is to blow away all those who dare to get pass him. The fan is folded up and strapped across his back, but once needed; it is quite unfolded to carry out the desired task. Ganryu like the other guardians stands at 20ft tall, and is also the one that guards the north squadron’s White Way Gate. As a gate guardian tasked with guarding the Seireite, Ganryu possess a rather uncanny ability that allows him to sniff out intruders that are not Shinigami from quite a distance away. This prevents unwelcome guests from easily entering the Seireitei without proper clearance.
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Ganryu The Guardian
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