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Yashakoi found himself strangely, sitting comfortably in a plush arm chair sipping small mouthfuls of the new tea his elder had recently procured. You may ask why and, how did he get into this position instead of the usual scene of the Captain treating someone of their wounds in the Coordinated Relief Station? Well  the Captain had been being urged by his fellow Nakimana member to meet for quite some time now to taste with him the tea currently held in the male's hands and, so not wanting to  make the old man feel slighted, the Shinigami cordially agreed and, thus left the walls of his division to humor him. The two men sat across from each other, separated by a table filled with premium porcelain china, several sugary treats, cakes and, many more extravagant foods. The setting was indulgent to say the least, a band of musicians played a melodic tune while a trio were performing  some sort of carnal display of dancing. My host has seemed to have gone all out with the preparations of this small luncheon. Since he never understood why there was a need for his family to flaunt their riches at any opportunity they could, the Shinigami began to see them a negative light.

Taking another sip of his tea, the Captain feigned his interest in what his suitor had been rambling on about. Probably some petty squabble on who knows what. The male mused, taking everything he was told with a large grain of salt. More often then not, the words that came from his relatives were stretched exaggerations of the truth and, as a result of the constant he said she said that came from their mingling, made the Nakimana household seem like a place for constant whispers and, rumors. In response of this behavior Yashakoi although, he honored his house and, family, the Shinigami found himself distancing himself from it all. So being metaphorically held hostage to listen to his current suitor's dramas that he's worked to get away from although, making sure it wasn't shown on his face, made the man a tad irritable.

In between Yashakoi trying to figure out a way to excuse himself from the torture that was his elder, the Captain suddenly felt some foreign yet eerily familiar presence. From the Seireitei? He quickly gauged the location of the disturbance in Spiritual Pressure as he hurriedly stood from his seat and, made his way to a window facing the direction of the Seireitei. His sudden jump to action caught the elder off guard, causing him to spill some the special he'd been boasting so much about and, question Yashakoi on what he was doing.  

Silence, was what the elderly Nakimana got in response from his young relative. Yashakoi with eyes focused as if trying to pinpoint where the commotion was coming, drowned out the noise of the music and, the questions from his kin. Until there it was, a sudden spike and, drop of Spiritual Pressure hit the Captain. " People are fighting and-- dying." He spoke somberly as he quickly turned to face his now confused host. There was a pause as if Yashakoi was trying to figure out the proper words for what he had to say. There were none. " Tell everyone to lock the doors and, stay indoors. Understood?" He made his command absolute and, dropped his gaze from his elder only after the man nodded his head yes.

You ask and, you shall receive. He reflected, thinking back on how he was searching for a reason to excuse himself from the inconvenience that was the luncheon and, at the moment decided it was best to take more caution in the things he desired.

Turning back to the window the Shinigami outwardly portrayed a serene calmness that was quite opposite of the storm of concern, questioning and, alarm that were rummaging through his head. Taking a step onto the windowsill Yashakoi pushed away his chaotic thoughts until he internally paralleled his outward calmness. There's trouble brewing in the Seireitei and, I'll see to quelling it. Steeling himself for what was to come, Yashakoi took a leap out the window and, hastily proceeded to travel towards where the uproar came from, ironically it being the place where it should be safest the Seireitei.


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