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 King Xander

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Arrancar Template

Xander Tsuneo

---I'll be the greatest if not now, Tomorrow---

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Alexander "Xander" Tsuneo
Hollow Aliases: Xanderiech
Gender: Male
Age: [] 241
Birth Date: N/A
Rank Status: Sexta
Cero Color: Teal
Aspect of Death: Nihilism
Hollow Hole Location: Chest


The look of Xander is quite unique. He wears a short coat... which is white with black lining. And when I say white I mean straight white not off white. The coat is short sleeved and has fur all around the neck part which is black and something he had obtained for the forest of menos years ago. Where his biceps are you see gray straps with connect to some cyan blue orbs. Which serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. On his arms he wears sleeves which are black with three gray stripes coming down the forearm and 1 strap going around the top and a army like stripe near the wrist. The finger tips of the sleeves are of course gray and he has the same orbs from his biceps on his backhand of each.

His pants are typical for an espada which come around his wait with a black sash and a orb connected it to it. With a little white patch coming up to cover up an area of the pelvic area. Anyway from here on out you just have basic white kimono pants with two pockets one on the left hand side and one on the right hand side. He wears black socks underneath are his sandpaper brown sandles which he wears everywhere. On his blade its a holster for his blade which he keeps in the same area as Harribel. The holster is white and appears to have jags on it with a few sprinkles of blonde around it symbolizing its battle and struggle through the infinite night.

His hair is diamond like blue and is kind of shaggy with a few darted bangs in the front. In the back is one braid which comes down to the start of the spine. His eyebrows are blue and so are his eyes but something about his eyes are weird. The iris is blue the sclera is black and the pupil is black but dragon like. Like a slash and not an average human circle. His nose is shaped sharp and small and his face normally bares a smirk since thats the way he feels most of the time. His teeth are shaped like dragon teeth but just smaller so it doesn't alter his jawline and make his face look any different. Oh yea did I mention he has an Australian accent? Anyway on his chin he has a goatee which is blue and looks as if he recently shaved it. Around his neck is his hollow fragments which look to be like a set of dragon teeth or something. The fragments are shaped like a necklace by the way. His chest is rather long and his body matches just with it. He has a 6 pack and what some females call "the perfect v". His hollow hole is right under his pecks and that is about it. His legs are muscular and not a bit of fat on them. His number is on his tongue.



His personality. A person who is cynical but also loves to hunt down prey. He is known for being rather smart and mean all in one. He is an asshole. The way he does things is just to be mean and cynical. He would openly criticize something just because he can but not actually no why he was doing it. That was the way he decided to do things and it forever will be the way he decides to do stuff. For him being a cynical genius all revolves around the belief that he would lead a world in his views and his views only. A god complex in a sense.

Xander is one weird dude.. A handful nonetheless but still very weird. He is an avid joker who takes his pranks to far sometime on his friends and opponents thus landing himself in very bad situations at times. Another thing that sets him apart from the world is his unique sense of humanity. He would make fun of his deceased grandmother if she was in her casket infront of him. His philosophy on sex is not like that of others. He feels no pain no gain. YES I said it. If you aren't feeling some weird sensations when your fucking then you ain't doing it right hence you might get slapped by Xander or some fellow named Bobby. The only thing he does take serious is his ideals which he takes very seriously.

Xander also loves to eat. He eats like a fucking behemoth and gains like no weight. This could be explained by his crazy workout regime. While in battle Xander will not pick and choose his battles. He either starts them or finishes them or sometimes both all together. Its just the way he is. His brash rowdy mouth sometimes leads others to think of him as outspoken but to Xander its just some shits and giggles. Seeing how Xander is neutral to all arrancars he sometimes finds himself teaming up with various people just to keep from boredom. Xander is really into killing people if it furthers his own motive. Like for instance if an arrancar is stopping his personal goals he would come into their barracks and silently assassinate them.. Or openly battle them.

Xander is sometimes a loner and likes to do things on his own but had no problem teaming up to get the job done. Most of the time when hes alone he is reading poetry or a new novel. Once again it is obvious he has a god complex which fuels his cynical behavior and traits of narcissistic tendencies. Another thing about him is the fact he smart helps him with his ego and also lets him come out strong in verbal altercations. Once again his loyalty somewhat belongs to the Arrancar but he will obviously betray them if it means he gets his goal but he will never reveal that or some of them probably know. If anyone was going to out him he would probably try and kill them because they don't fit into his agenda. Once again his destruction in battle cannot be helped because of something in his mind that tells him he has a reason to be angry at the world... So in order to come to grips with his mental issues he uses destruction as a way out.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability: Neon Pulse - This ability allows for Xander to coat his limbs in reiatsu in order to form his dragon claws formed of neon energy. The neon reiatsu puts his hands on a basic power of a level 30 kidou. The claws are 3 meters long while the hands themselve are about the size of bears hand.

  • Level 3,
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
    Cero / Bala
  • Level 3
  • Level 3

3500 Points.

Once Upon A Time

Celestial Australian

Well. The year was 1771. His name was Sean Azalea. He was born to Maritiv and Willy Wilson Azalea. A couple of European settlers looking to make a home in Australia. They had traveled with Louis Aleno de St Aloüarn who led a journey from France to Australia where he would eventually decide to try and migrate his people into. This plan however wouldn't be complete for a couple of years but anyway. Now lets talk about the child born to the Azalea's. He was a little blue haired boy and he had the cutest smile ever. He looked more like his mother than his father and this would help him in life eventually. See his mother was French while his father was an Asian settler working in France on the exploration. The two met when she came to the boat to deliver supplies and since then has been in love with Willy.

Anyway. Two years after they set out they found Australia and they decided it was time to settle down and make a family. Thus they concieved their first and only child. Sean Azalea. Their pride and joy and the person who would grow up in the new land... Actually he was the first European born in Australian soil. Regal right? Anyway the first few years of the boys life were kosher. He was pretty damn cool. He got to meet some natives of the land he got to go exploring around with some of the local captains who worked from France. Anyway he would sometimes travel through horses or on foot but luckily he got to ride kangaroo most of the time and they loved Sean. He got to ride with them all the time and sometimes even being allowed in their pouches. He was truly a kangaroo at sense and he believed that for a couple years.. To the time he was 6 exactly when he had a ball fall and forgot what a kangaroo was and adapted a fear of the creatures soon after.

Anyway the year was 1776. Sean was 5 and he was a rather narcissistic little boy. He had grown into one real young and had no clue how to help his issue. He would mentally torment people trying to be nice to him on a daily basis. Anyway after his kangaroo incident the young boy had to adjust to life without something to play with.. Or in this case someone. He would commonly play around Australia doing acrobatics and would be taught something from his father known as Parkour which was trained secretly in France on certain task force. Sean would use this to hop around the west coast of Australia with ease and make it his stomping zone. He was the oldest of the settler children and probably was thought as the older brother to most. He was funny he was hyperactive and last but not least he was never serious.... Well when needed to for the sake of his "siblings".

With the french settlers in Australia the natives would start to take action... Something was brewing deep below and they wouldn't keep it locked tight for long.. War. Something that couldn't be stopped but only delayed. With about a small settlement of 42 people a war being stopped would be hard but soon more troops would come and they wouldn't learn they were troops... 5 years would pass. The the official number of settlers would be 400... Over the time migration from Europe to Australia would be rather common and natives still weren't accepting it but they would still keep it to themselves.. 1781.. The year and the date was set and the time would soon begin.

1786 that was the year.... Sean was now 15. He looked like an Australian with his blonde hair and his weird goatee and his french style of fighting also made him very unique. He was well liked and got along with both sides of the divided Australian world. He got along with the natives and got along with his people and also helped stopped conflict between the two parties at times also. He would get judged by some because they wondered where his loyalties lied but Sean always told them to shut up because in his mind not even he knew where his loyalties lied. Soon a man named Gustav III came to visit the European settlement where he had declared he wanted to start a colony for Sweden but he could not do such. He lacked the technology and man power to do so...

With the Revolutionary war going on in America the Europeans were slowly losing land and colonies but they had a chance to make up for it in the land of Australia but in order to do that they would have to force some people out of their home. This was something Sean was against but in this instance he had no choice... He would have to fight with his people. When higher ups from France came to Australia they came with that man Gustav III.. He said he almost had the technology he needed to finish his colony and it would be ready in two years. The French leaders also said they were going to start their take over of Australia soon also which meant war was going to happen no matter if Sean liked it or not.

A day before his 18th birthday in 1789 saw Sean find out the news of a war that would be dubbed frontier warfare. He was chosen to lead a section of warriors but he declined the offer and left in exile. While in exile he was taken in by the West Coast natives who he would eventually teach his skill too and lead them into battle. It took him exactly 7 months to train them in his way of parkour and other various skills. On the battlefields frontlines Sean would kill exactly 32 warriors 2 casualties and 1 medic. He would eventually be killed when France shipped in a canon launcher from America. The canon exploded and the impact hit Sean from exactly 11 meters away. He was down and died from internal damage such as a broken rib cage and internal leakage. He died at the ripe age of 18 and left behind his mother and father and two younger siblings which were twins. Alice and Sebastian who were exactly 5 years old. He died fighting in what he believed in but had the regret in never seeing the end of the war.

Purgatory Australian

Awoken was what you could say Sean was. He was in his same old body in the same time period he had lived in but one thing had changed. He wasn't allowed to touch others nor converse with them but he could still see them. It seemed he was in purgatory. He wondered why he was here.. Commonly it was when people left the world with regrets. But he had no regrets that he could remember at that... Something was odd about this situation. He really had no clue what how he could get out of this and go to the "afterlife" where he could face his punishment for the crimes he committed. He knew he could find a way out but the question was how?

Soon after coming to grips with the fact he couldn't die in peace he would go on to watch the same Australia natives he led into battle get slaughtered by his family and friends. It was sad really they all died together like family and they all prayed to Sean like he was their god or something. The influence he had on these men was something amazing. Even the men that survived and were captured believed their savior was going to say them.. Their savior being Sean. The man who knew he couldn't save them suffered the most because Sean felt a sense of betrayal as he couldn't help the same people he promised free living too. The same people he promised would never have to worry about losing their homes again were the same people killed for a cause they believed in. The same people who died honorably.

Soon after he had become this purgatory creature he discovered the fact he was slowly changing. He was soon cynical and far gone from his normal mental state. He couldn't bare with his brother and sister not being found by him and the fact the war was still going on didn't help his situation. He knew he couldn't save them but he would try his hardest. He would do certain things to influence the outcome of certain situations. He would mess with guns so they would jam and cause some Australian troops to die. He would cause dust storms so the natives could take advantage with their parkour. This would help the people he was fighting for but not the people he should have been fighting with. But soon this would all change.

A few months after still being on the battlefield in his purgatory body Sean started turning purple from the chain in the center of his chest outwards and he was slowly getting mean. Soon after finding his family and realized they had died he was sad. He had been here for 6 months looking for them only to learn they had died but unlike the other French settlers these folks got buried because of the bond they had with their deceased son Sean. The Australian natives respected their leader by letting his family have an honorable death but that still didn't give his mind some clarity. He would then fall to the ground before giving out an angry scream in rage.

Now with nothing else to live for Sean was stuck in Australia with no friends no family and couldn't make contact with anyone. This drove him crazy and made him grow even more mentally and physically. He had become one in his new skin and instead of hating it like most he began to embrace it. Something clicked in his mind when he realized he couldn't die in peace. He hasn't seen the end of war but he didn't get to see his family live their lives. What did he have to live for? With his scream he caused a dust storm and all noise had stopped. Soon a man would come from the dust and he wore a black kimono and had a sword. He had a patch on his shoulder and he looked like someone Sean wanted nothing to do with. This sure was going to be fun.

He came to Sean and spoke "I've watched your actions recently and I cannot send you to the Soul Society even tho you did everything for good reason.. I will have to reap you but here is the catch. I'll give you a chance to hide and stray away from me. But when I find you I'll take you. Deal?" Sean would get up and wipe the tears from his face as he smirked before turning around and cartwheeling away screaming "Deal" with that. The race was on and Sean had to prove he could survive and this "reaper" was his first test. He actually was happy this happened because he wanted to get away and live. He felt he might get his life back if he could survive this challenge. First step for Sean was for him to find a hole in which the native stored all their weapons in because he could hide in their without the reaper finding him. Upon running through a few walls he found it... The hole. He would jump into it and sit under the guns where he would wait.

After a long wait in the hole Sean began to get wary. He started feeling unsafe and he should. The reaper was directly above him waiting for Sean to come from the hole but sadly Sean had no knowledge of this... So when he emerged from the hole the reaper turned his sword around and tried to hit Sean with the hilt. Using his parkour he backed up with a flip which actually surprised the reaper. He would then put a smirk on his face like he actually cared now but he didn't. This was his poker face but to Sean it looked like he had the edge in the situation. Sean would then leap at the man with a front kick but the man vanished and appeared behind him and hit him in the chain with the hilt of his blade. Soon his chest would start burning and he would pull at the chain ripping it off thus a loud amount of energy went off and Sean was gone.....

Reborn Australian

When coming into the world He was a demi-Hollow. He had a giant skull and he was angry.. He kept thinking of his family but for some reason he wanted to attack them. He had no clue why and he really wasn't sure if these people were even his family he just had a faint image of a group of people and everytime he saw them he got angry and wanted to destroy something. The destructive nature was malicious but he couldn't help the issue. Soon after getting into this new world The hollow was hungry. He spoke with a voice and wanted some food to accompany his new look and ability but he couldn't find anything... so that was the plan.. He would feast. Feast on these giant black creatures. Daily he would eat them and get stronger and stronger until one day. POOF. He turned into one of these creatures. The battles weren't easy and he quite frankly thinks they were worth it after gaining this new found power but it came with a weakness. His lack of mobility while in this form known as Gillian would not do him well in battle.

Now on this gillian form something was different.. His mind was gone. He was a blank hole mentally and he looked like one physically. As for his ability besides Cero he had none. I mean he could eat other Gillian Menos but it was much harder.. Now he would slowly walk up on his prey and attack them one by one until he cleared half the forest.. The power he was gaining in this form was amazing. He had soon become the strongest Gillian in the group but of course not without a price. He would soon be attacked by the Adjuchas... One to be exact. He had wanted to do the very thing this Menos was doing. But this time his plan didn't work out as the Gillian ganged up on him and feasted upon him.. Well the Gillian that were alive anyway. With that happening This gillian evolved into something new.. A dragon creature.

Soon. A man was formed well not a man but a creature. He had been formed with wings and a tail.. He looked like a dragon or something. Here he would fly around for years doing nothing.. He would just roam the desert were the sun never showed. Infinite darkness after about a year here the creature learned this place was Hueco Mundo. This dragon like body actually suited the creature but he had no memory of where he came from prior to this.. He needed a name but for some reason he kept thinking of a name.. He couldn't find one so he would leave the issue alone. Something would bother the dragon creature tho. How could he get stronger? How could he turn into one of those creatures who seem to be all powerful? HOW? Something had to give being in this body wasn't working for him. He wanted to be a lean smaller creature with power. He wanted to be one of the feared "vasto lorde" who were of legend.. Thats what he wanted. The power to reign terror on everyone.

While in Hueco Mundo the dragon man (Yep thats what im calling him) soon developed the ability to use his body in forms of attack. He could whip his tail back and forth (Yes I said it) and beat people to death with his wings. Shred with his teeth and even with his claws. Soon he would watch other creatures like him to learn what he was. An Adjuchas. He was considered very strong but that wasn't good enough for him. He wanted stronger he wanted more. How would he go about this? The same way the others did. Go around eating others. He would start by eating 10 menos a day for about a year. This task was easier said than done but he did it. He would feast and feast and feast until he couldn't feast anymore. Upon feasting he would grow stronger and large. He was officially becoming what he wanted. A "vasto lorde" in his mind that was what he was becoming but in actuality he was becoming a stronger adjuchas. After realizing feasting on Menos wouldn't make him that much stronger he started feasting on other creatures... Creatures like him adjuchas. He knew they had what he wanted so he just decided to feast on them.

Upon feasting on About 5 adjuchas a day for the next 2 years he would ultimately evolve into something stronger.. Something better a humanoid hybrid with an adjuchas.. He became a "Vasto Lorde" in a sense.. Or maybe just an arrancar. This was his goal.. He finally decided on a name for himself. Alexander "Xander" Tsuneo. He would use this name because he had an accent that reminded him of some place on earth named Australia (He had no knowledge of what this was) He was fond with his new found ability and he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. In fact he wanted more of it. He would continue feasting on adjuchas. He would continue to kill them.. He was a natural born killer. He was the dragon. The Cynical Dragon. The man who had a plan and was going to stick to it. To be one of the strongest people in Hueco Mundo. That was the motto and you already know tho. YOLO.

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The Prophecy Of The Noobs

[07:20:29] Izanagi : Blessed are the Noobs, for they shall inherit the Site.

[22:21:59] The Haitian : Lol, the prophecy has spoken.

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King Xander
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