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 Banned/Restricted Powers List

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PostSubject: Banned/Restricted Powers List   Banned/Restricted Powers List Icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 5:52 am

*This list is subject to change at any time, and anyone's ability may be denied, even if previously approved due to an update of this thread.

Banned Abilities and Powers
(Items that cannot be used by any Race throughout the forum.)

  • Gravity Manipulation/Control - Control over Gravity is unacceptable due to the techniques that can harbor from it. Not only is it a very godly power, but godmod is something that it easily allows.

  • Time/Space Manipulation/Control - Control over time and space also among a godly power. The Expansion of Time and Space could lead to universal control within its finest principles. Thus, making it completely unfair to use. Due to the ways it can be controlled and manipulated.

  • Intangibility/Phasing - Ability to become intangible and avoid incoming blows or make attacks phase through himself or herself. This could potentially be one of the most OP abilities of all, giving people the ability to phase through objects, or weapons easily, therefore giving them an unfair advantage.

  • Complete Hypnosis - Complete Hypnosis is also among one of the most unfair due to the inability to break out of it. Here, we believe every player has a chance among anything and that nothing is absolute. So, making the ability to completely hypnotize people into doing everything against their whim is completely unnecessary, cheap, and godmod'ish in most occasions.

  • Instant Teleportation (Not high speed movement. Excludes Canon dimensional travel techniques.) - Instant Teleportation is also among this list for a reason. The complete ability to transfer your physical body as a whole from one place to another is outrageous and would prove to be very difficult for anybody going against somebody with it. Please take into account that things such as Sonido/Shunpo/Hirenyaku are high speed movement techniques. You're actually running. Instant Teleportation is in terms completely different from it and a lot cheaper.

  • Microscopic Abilities/Techniques/Powers - These Powers and abilities are banned due to their sheer number of abilities and techniques that are noticeably over-powered. Such can lead to Scientific powers such as "Alchemy" , but without equivalent exchange. In example, the ability to subtract or add Protons and Neutrons can lead to the creation of new Elements. Allowing you to bend matter to your will. To even small abilities that can produce chain reactions and nuclear power. All of which can be considered Microscopic and dangerously unfair to everyone else.

  • Complete Negation of any Ability, Power, or Power Source [IE: Reiryoku, Reiatsu] - The complete negation of any ability is by far very cheap; which is why we are not going to allow people to have such abilities. Not only can you completely void anything anybody does that condones of Spiritual Power. In example, Shikai, Bankai, Sonido, Shunpo, Ressurection, Fullbringer, etc. Doing so would lead to an all out advantage, the way it may be used may very seriously unfair, and the overall ability to do so is extremely godly in most areas.

  • Immortality - No character can live forever and everyone has to die. Immortality is ranges of you can't die period is far out of the question. We're not Superman here and we can die with very simple wounds. This can also go into godmodding out of death. Completely disregarding serious injuries and just overall not dying under incredible circumstances. Remember, we as spirits do live for a very long time. Even humans can live for a considerable amount of years, but being able to cheat death due to such circumstances is unfair. Hence, we won't allow it.

  • Mind Reading- This is an utter no-no. Knowing what other people are thinking is absolutely godmod and cheap. For example, being given insight on peoples thoughts give you the absolute upper-hand. You can know everything they do while they're in the middle of doing it. In all actuality, you'll be impossible to beat, and it won't be fair to anyone. In any situation, you can easily bring it to your advantage, and only by knowing what other people are thinking. Come on, that's just a cheap move to throw in it and we're sure that the member populace won't be very intrigued by it. So, we keep it banned.

  • Life/Death Manipulation - The ability to create something that can think for it owns purpose, bring something or someone back to life, and or auto-kill people due to cheap techniques are prohibited. Not only are these among Godly powers, but they are strictly unfair to everybody. One play being able to auto-kill, create AI, and or bring the dead back to life is something we're not going to allow.

  • Hōgyoku (Or the Like) - The Hōgyoku like seen in the Anime is obviously a Godlike Creation. A small item full of immense power that can create artificial races (Such as Arrancar) and give anybody destructive power far beyond anyone else. Thus, the creation, and or usage of such an item is prohibited and Void. Making it placed here, on the Banned List.

  • Ōin - Something similar to the Hōgyoku, but with a slightly different concept.

    • Dimension Control: If a person has full control over the Ōin, then the person has absolute control over the dimension as they see fit, including the manipulation of time, energy, space, and matter.
    • Teleportation: Given that the seal can manipulate space, it can give the user the ability to teleport any amount of distance.
    • Healing: Given that the seal can manipulate time, if the user is hurt, they can transfer their body back to the way it was any time before
    • Hopefully you see why we're not going to allow all these abilities to fall in place to one user who controls it.

  • Bakudō #26: Kyokko (曲光, Curved Light) - Something completely cheap. Giving the ability to completely seal somebody’s appearance and spiritual pressure. We have a similar item within the Soul Shop and it's a nerf'd version of this. This is rather cheap because not only does it conceal your spiritual pressure, but you can't be seen. Giving you the opportunity to do anything and everything secretly. Even if it means destroying and killing players. Due to it being a Bakudo it would be widely aloud for Soul Reapers and Vizards to have it. Making it a No-No in terms of unfairness

  • Void Abilities/Techniques -These abilities cannot be duplicated. These abilities are much like the Hollows Gargantua and or the Soul Reapers Dangai Realm. Making it easy to manipulate Time and Space and travel between dimensions without the usage of the actual technique. This is here to set the boundary of Racial Abilities.

Limited Abilities and Powers
(Items that are subject to many reductions and scrutiny as to make them more fair.)

  • Forms of Matter (Including Fire, are Limited to 1 malleable state) - Forms of Matter are only malleable in one state due to the cheapness of controlling several different states of it. Unless your ability ties into two elements, that work hand in hand, You can't create Water into a Solid and Gas at your whim. Or Fire into anything else other then what you stated it to be. Be it explosions and or wild flames. The ability to complete manipulate things to your choosing is unfair and most likely abusive if given the ability to do so.

  • Lightning Abilities - Lightning is obviously one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Making the abilities that manifest it limited. For example, you can't call in the pure power of a lightning storm to strike where you see fit. Literally LIGHTNING Bolts. One is enough to kill numerous amounts of people and given the properties. It can stun and easily decapitate. Making this a limited ability. Graded on our Staff Members see fit

  • Scent Abilities (Abilities that induce effects through smell) - Scent, is one of our five senses, making the abilities that come with it not allowed to be too powerful. Smell is the strongest sense to trigger memories. The ability to manifest "smell" into something can be numerous and with anything with several different forms and abilities. It can also be cheap and misunderstood, which is why Staff Members are to grade these abilities harshly. It is Limited of course.

  • Light Abilities (Abilities that blind, and/or induce effects through contact with the eye only) - Light Abilities can be very powerful. Whether you completely and utterly blind people to making them delusional and unfaithful in their actions. Such abilities are to be graded harshly due to the way they can be manifested. Small light abilities which can induce small amounts of blindness are okay, but some things can be far out of the ordinary. So please be cautious on denial if you plan on making a very powerful Light based Ability/Technique.

  • Shadow Abilities - Shadow Abilities can be manipulated in several different shapes and forms, but take into notice that these are SHADOWS. Hence, they can't do any physical damage and if they do expect some form of nerf'ing and or boundary as to which you can control this ability. It's in the limited section for a reason. It can be unfair to others.

  • Cloning Techniques - Don't go around cloning yourself and or other people. You may have an ability that can create a clan, aye, but don't make it so they have the exact same abilities as you do. These clones can't be immensely powerful and obviously can't be on your same level either. They need boundaries and limitations, which is why Cloning is strictly in the Limited Ability Section. Expect harsh grading on this criteria of you wish to possessive a Semi-Powerful cloning ability.

  • Summoning Techniques - You can summon things, but don't go poofing stuff up willy-nilly because you simply have the urge to. Have limitations to the power of which you can summon things as well as the time frame it takes for you to do it. Some things make take extensive pieces of information, material, and knowledge for you to summon and we'll be okay with that, but the Godlike act of magically summoning a team of Wolves won't be expected to pass without Limitations and Explanations as to how it all went in place. To what they're/it's made of, et cetera. It's a descriptive ability and we won't stand for or accept anything vague.

  • Poison Abilities - Poison abilities can obviously be very powerful, which is why they're in the limited section. They can't have severely long-term effects and can damage every single little piece about you. You need to take these abilities easily and not expect them to be the most powerful thing in the world. For example, a Poison that can temporarily paralyze a target would be acceptable based on the concept of the technique. The small variables of how it effects people and how long it lasts to what parts it can paralyze, but don't expect to run off with a Poison that can seemingly auto-hit and cause the Nervous System / Brain to shut down. Or something that can eat away at the skin for several turns. It's in the limited section for a reason, don't tamper with it too much.

  • Healing Abilities - We all like healing abilities and the power to heal a couple scratches would come in handy, but Healing Abilities are also limited. Don't expect to be able to grow back a limb within one or two turns unless given a Racial ability to do so. Whether you're a hollow or a Healing Division Shinigami with the specific Kidou. You can't heal back Major Organs. Liver, Brain, Heart, and et cetera. High-Speed regeneration is limited to wounds and areas, but as a whole, don't expect to run off with a Technique that allows you to always heal broken bones and major organs within an impossibly small amount of time. Be gentle with the structure of the technique and don't expect us to jump at the smallest hint of overpowered'ness, but at the same time keep in mind that sometimes you can't make the ability have the strength you want it to possess. I.E. No Instant Regeneration, No Healing of Major Organs (Heart, Brain, Etcetera) , and make sure the post duration and usage is reasonable. We'll be looking at that.

  • Sound Abilities (Abilities that induce effects through sound.) - Sound is another one of our senses and you can condone a lot of bullshit with the abilities it comes with. So, this is also within the Limited Section. Don't expect you to be able to blast out peoples ear-drums with the clap of a hand. Despite how so many of us would love to do that. Things are to be kept fashionably fair and powerful. As in, not too powerful. Loud, loud, and oh so loud forms of Sound travel through vibration. Such Vibration can easily kill a person due to what it does to their body. Their Brain (Which works off of sound waves. Hertz can induce Brain Effects) and heart can be easy targets. Implosions can occur within the body and several other objects. So don't expect seemingly high and overall powerful sound abilities to pass through, but things of the weaker assertion. I.E. Making People Deaf for some time et cetera would be allowed.

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Banned/Restricted Powers List
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