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 Ashia Uyeda [Complete]

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PostSubject: Ashia Uyeda [Complete]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:02 pm

Shinigami Template

Ashia Uyeda

---Fear is only what you make it.---

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Ashia Uyeda (ah-sha) (oo-yea-dah)
Shinigami Aliases:Madame Uyeda,Blondie (by other captains)
Age:1600 (but looks 20)
Birth Date:June 7
Rank Status:Captain of 8th division

Affiliated Division: Hachibantai

Appearance :


Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time

  Ashia when she was born she was born into a wealthy she was not sick or had any other problems she was a healthy child. She was an only child she had no brother or sisters. Ashia was a spoiled child and got what ever she wanted when she wanted. Ashia was a very sheltered child, Ashia had a nanny that was responsible for ashia. Ashia's parents were very strict and didn't let her out very often. Ashia did not have any friends but, the stuff animals that sat in her room. Ashia's nanny was always there for her. Ashia's nanny was the closer to her then her parents were. Ashia's parents were always busy with work. Her father was a wealthy buisness man and her mother a well known fashion designer. Ashia was homeschooled her parents bought her the most intelligent teachers known in japan. Ashia was homeschooled up  until she was 13 and her parents decided to Transfer her to a public highschool she was very smart and entered into highschool very early. Ashia was so happy to be in public school but when she went to school she wasn't very social she kept to herself and was quite and did her work. During gym class she was bullied by the other girl. One day she went to gym class and the girl brought her into the bathroom and cut her hair. Ashia's once long blonde hair was now a short blonde cut almost like a pixie cut. When she went home her parents did not pay her no mind they were just continuing their work. when she went upstairs her nanny asked what had happend to her hair but, she lied and she that she wanted to try out a new hairstyle.

 After 4 years Ashia graduated from highschool and she made one friend whos name was kenji. Ashia and kenji went into the college after highschool. After 4 years They graduated from college they decided they wanted to get married. Ashia's parents decided to pay for their wedding but her parents were still very busy and could not attend the wedding. The wedding was held in the backyard of their family mansion at night there was lights wrapped around the trees and their were laterns that gently floated on the lake. Ashia was very happy that she could find somebody that loved her this was the happiest day of her life. Her parents weren't there but, her nanny was her nanny was now about 50 years of age and was the one that gave Ashia away. After the couple finished their ceremony. Ashia's parents had givin ashia a letter for her wedding gift, Ashia opened the envelope and she took out a folded piece of paper that had writing on it, the paper read " Dear Ashia, We know all your life we had been so busy with work and such but we wanted you to know that we did everything we could to make sure you had everything you needed please forgive us for not spending much time as we could watching you grow up. We wanted to tell you how proud we were of you and how much we love you. So in this letter there is a honey moon trip to the bahamas for you and kenji. We love you so much and we want you to live your life and share do the thing we couldn't do with you, with your own children." Tears started to roll down Ashia's face. The next day after her wedding ashia and her husband went on their trip. Ashia woke up early morning she went to the airport as she passed the metal detectors she could see her plane strolling in she we to her gate with her husband with their luggage rolling behind them, they boarded their plain in sat in the seats next to each other. Once everybody was seated the captain turned on the lights to put on your seat belt. She clicked her seat belt and tugged on it a bit to make sure she was safe. The plain took off  and they were high in the sky. Ashia's eyes slowly began to close as she fell asleep. The flight would take about a day or two so she decided to take a quick nap. After 8 hours her sleep was interrupted by a loud beeping noise the plane was shaking and the oxygen masks dropped from above their heads. Ashia quickly put on her mask and her husband did the same. Ashia lifted up the window screen next to her and she could see the plane turbine had caught fire. The plane was coming down fast. The planes wing hit a sharp rock sticking out of the ground and cut the wing off, the wing spiraled and hit the tail of the plane and the plane went spiralling out of control and crashed into a mountainous area. The plane exploded on impact killing everyone on the plane especially Ashia and her husband. The only thing that remained were two burnt corpses of Ashia and her husband holding hands and their rings shining in the sunlight.

After Life:
After dieing from the plane crash, Ashia ended up in the soul society. This place was different it had more of an older traditional japanese look to it. This place had a calm and peaceful mood to it. Ashia went into thee streets of the rukon district too see what it had to offer. When ashia was done sight seeing she went to find a place to stay. The area was crowded so she had to go through an ally way she walked through until she was snatched up by a man the man forced herself upon ashia and she could not do a single thing she was weak. The man ripped her clothes off and raped her. Ashia laid there basically bathing in her own tears. Morning came and An old lady found ashia in the street naked, The old lady brought ashia to her home which was outside of the rukon district and was on a lucious green grass area. When ashia woke up she was laying in a bed and a wet rag rested on her head. The short old woman stood next to her "morning" the old woman said with a smile. Ashia put her hand on her head as she raised up from the bed. The old woman pat her on her back and said " It's okay child don't worry about anything right now you need to it honey and I make a great soup with vegetables." Ashia smiled and said "Thank you for your kindness miss, may I ask what your name is?" The old lady handed Ashia the soup and said "The names Baba, ashia smiled as her she heard the name"Well miss baba thank you." After breakfast Baba gave ashia some clean clothes Ashia put them on and went outside she remebered and remebered what happend the night before. Ashia became furious and a large amount of energy welled up in her. Ashia punched a tree in anger and smashed her fist right through the tree. Ashia was shocked and didn't know what had happend but, what she did know is that she had some type of power she didn't have before. Ashia Decided on that day that she would no longer be weak or just another pretty face she decided that she would be a pretty face that can break your ass if you get to close. The next day ashia decided to begin training her body and what ever special power she had. Ashia decided to practice controlling this energy that she had used yesterday. She calm her mind and find the source of her energy she focused her energy in her fist and she punched a single boulder with all her force obliterating the boulder into rubble. Ashia was happy with her progress she trained everyday praticing her hand to hand combat on trees and also carrying a logs of wood up and down hill tops to Baba's house.
After days of training she could summon her energy without having to focus. The next morning some man in a black ninja like suit showed up at Baba's house her had a letter for Ashia. Ashia opened the letter and it read" I have noticed your strength and you have seem to have mastered your Reitsu quite well. You might be even stronger then the captains of the gotei 13 and I want you Ashia Uyeda to join the soul society." Ashia was puzzled "so reitsu is the energy that I use and whats this gotei 13." Baba read the letter and she looked at ashia " Wowww what a great honor and this is the best thing for you." Baba grabbed Ashia's hand and took her outside and pointed " Look you see that big white place past the rukon district take this path and you will get there to the soul society." Ashia hugged Baba and went down the path she told her.

Few weeks later after ashia entered the society she passed through the academy with flying colors in just one week she was seen as too advanced and was raised in ranks just in a few day Ashia was much stronger then she was before. Ashia went from a red an white uniform to a black kimono like uniform and she became lieutenant of Squad 8. Ashia's captain was a lazy ass that didn't accomplish nothing while he was flirting with woman she was doing all of his paper work. All the gotei 13 despised ashia's captain and so did ashia. The other captains knew ashia was much stronger then her captain. But,everyone knew Ashia would take the place as captain soon even the captain commander.

Becoming captain:
The time had come for ashia to become the 8th division captain. All the captains had come to witness it and even the captain commander the captain command. Everyone was gathered around up against the wall and the captain commander sitting with all the other captains on both of his sides. Ashia in her captain were in the middle of the barracks in an empty space both facing each other. The captain was using a sword while Ashia decided to use nothing but her fist. The captain ran towards Ashia and swung his sword vertically , Ashia dodged left and the sword stucked into the wood of the barrack floors Ashia then countered and hit the captain in his ribs. The captain then released his sword and fell to the ground ashia grabbed him by his captain robe swung him around and threw him into a wall just above the captain commanders head. The captain stuck into the wall and was knocked out. The captain commander got up and shook Ashia's hand and said " Congrats lieu...Oops forgive me I mean captain" The captain commander raised ashia's hand " Ashia is officially the new captain of the 8th Division!!!" All the captains smiled at the new captain. The captain commander then looked at the lazy ass captain in the wall and shrugged and said " Take this Ex-captain and strip him of his robes and out of the soul society." after that ashia was now the new 8th division leader.

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Jushiro Izanagi
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PostSubject: Re: Ashia Uyeda [Complete]   Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:23 am

1. I Don't Like It. Pfft Yes Really 


The Prophecy Of The Noobs

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Ashia Uyeda [Complete]
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