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 Yuri "Aoi"

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PostSubject: Yuri "Aoi"    Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:03 am

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Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Yuri Aoi
Shinigami Aliases: Kurohime, Yuri Kenpachi, Aoi, Tetsu Kanzo
Gender: Female
Age: 892 Appears to be in later 20's
Birth Date: 25 December
Rank Status: Race Leader

Affiliated Division: Captain Commander of Gotei 13 and 1st Division Captain.

Warning Picture is Extremely Large:

Yuri Aoi, now known as Yuri Kenpachi. Though she has experience well over 5 and half centuries of life, she is still in her border late teens or early 20's. Praised as beauty in her own unique way, Yuri has a mature schoolgirl look about her. Her attire of white t-shirt, black blazer and navy knee high skirt with black stockings further emphasizes the look. Yuri has long black hair that reaches down to her spine. Her hair is usually kept in two ponytails by two darkblue ribbons. Her fringe is parted to the one side to reveal he dark Hazel eyes. The rest of her eye is covered (does not restrict her vision) by her dark Raven hair. Her skin can be compared to the softness of a white Arum Lily, though feint scars lie hidden here and there her otherwise clean skin is healthy and on some days glowing. Standing at 169 Centermeters talls, she would considered taller than the average women in Soul Society. She weighs a deinty 48 kilograms but never let her small size and weight fool you. She is hailed as the physical the strongest person in Soul Society. Even the big brutes the Gate Gaurdians cannot content with her sheer strength.

Yuri lacks the apparell of an average Shinigami. She abandones the Gi and Hakama and opts for the school uniform stated above. Everyone carries some sort of mark to symbolize their insignia. While most simply have the mark embezzled or sowed onto their clothes, Yuri has a small badge on her blazer. The Actual symbol is hidden as a stopper. The actual visible symbol is a small white rabbit face. Though she seldom carries around the White Hoari of the 11th division. The blood stained and tattered cloak is carried over her shoulder, or tied on the sheathe of her sword. Yuri, does not betray the reputation of the 11th division. Often having a fierce expression on her face. However those who have been around her understand that is her calm and usualy expression.

She doesn't look too different from when she was a child. If one were to see a picture of her then and now, would without a shred of doubt identify her as one. Shorter in both height and a above shoulder length hair. The same, fierce bored expression on her face. Though back then she wasn't no shinigami captain with her insignia and cloak. Back then she carried around a grey hoodie but still kept her choice of clothes as stockings and skirts. Her Reiatsu if it were to be defined by a color would appear as a dark navy blue. Her Zanpakuto is usually carried on her left hip or in her hand.

This however is once again the old appearance of Yuri Kenpachi. She has since greatly matured into a beautiful and sexually appealing lady. She stands much taller, at the height of near 178cms. Taller than most of the oriental men in Soul Society. Often serving as an intimidation factor among women and men alike. Her hair is kept in the same fashion, twin tails tied loosely with blue. Her fringe however goes right past her eyes and bangs right down to her chest. A hindrance some people say but Yuri finds this a false statement. Her cute little ears still jut out. Instead of the old heels Yuri wears sneakers. comfortable and fashionable her flat sole shoes have been stained red some say. Her bust has grown tremendously. Being more than a handful and something of a magnet for stray eyes. Her newly formed hourglass shape gives her a strong chance of a huge success in the modelling career however the body has simply grown to be the ultimate killing machine. Bottom line she's just more mature and sexy, suck it bitches :p


A general consensus once described the Yuri Kenpachi as Fierce. This was no false claim and Yuri Holds true to the name. Her ferociousity when unchecked rivals even the mindless beasts of a Shinigami who have descended down deep into the path of a hollow. Relentless and cold, in the face of her prey Yuri Kenpachi will find no room for mercy. She will cut down anyone who needs to be cut down, without hestitation, without baiting an eyelid and without flinching. Yuri is self reserved type on most parts. Keeping her personal opinion on unofficial matters to herself. It is seldom that her companions will hear her talk about anything trivial. It is not that she chooses not to think about trivial matters, as complicated as they become but she simply prefers to think about it and keep it to herself. Somesay it is because of the title Kenpachi some say it is simply her nature. Now a mature young lady, her curves are desirable? (lol)

Yuri is also a heavy drinker. Often you will find the fowl stench of alcohol and an intoxicating smell of flowers or other seductive scents. Many have seen her substance abuse as a source of easy entertainment, but countless men and even women have been drowned in her alcohol tolerance. Some say it is impossible for her to get drunk. However the closest logic explanation that they have arrived to is her emmense spiritual capacity. Similar to a hunger that appears when Reishi levels are low, Yuri's immense Reiatsu reserves when used demand a high intake of Alcohol. Mind you Yuri does become influenced by alcohol save she has a point where she cannot get any more drunk than that. At this stage, she will still be able to see properly, perfect control of her motor function. She appears normal save for a small red line under her nose and a perhaps a a fowl attitude.

Most question Yuri using perfume. Sometimes it is subtle sometimes it is intoxicating. Some say she enjoys attracting the males and then shooting them down. A possible feminity dormant inside a cold bloodied killer. Apart from such antics, Yuri worked hard for her position. Although praised as a prodigy who was easily able to grab the concept of art of mortal combat even natural born talent has a limit. Day and night the child practised to trascend the point of mastery. Yuri has no regard for those who do not try. This does not seperate the weak from the strong. Someone might try their best but be weak. But those who do not try she sees them as scum and sometimes leaves them drowning in a pool of their own blood.

Yuri by nature is a cold-blooded girl. Those who approach her with genuine intent are 100% of times shot down by a cold shoulder. Many have tried to offer her presents of chocolate, poems, flowers but all of them she shot down. Chocolate left where they were left and devoured by the division members. Flowers left to rot where they were left, poems used as double back paper it is always the alocohol that seemed to disappear. Whether she drinks it or not is the real mystery.

Yuri however is not uptight or evenr emotely quiet. She does her fair share of joking and talking. Her smiles or approval of a joke usually comes out in the form of a sadistic grin. Some say that is her most attractive trait, her scary smile some run away from it. All in all the Yuri is a normal 11th division Captain, ferocious by nature and a natural born killer. However this too is of the past.

Yuri has been appointed the New Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. She is still rough around the edges but proper help from the Shisaragi family have taught her to be a keen intellect for both peace and war. She prefers the audience of a few of her captains when discussing matters and likes matters reported to her with no bullshit. She will prefer those who get the job done over those who fuss over useless details. She not against torture and holds good qualities to be a Captain commander. Suck it :p

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)

Once Upon A Time

Origins of Yuri Aoi, (named Aoi for her extreme blue spiritual pressure by Seireitei officials) are debated alot. Some say she was a human child who was given a soul burial at an early age others say she was a natural born spirit. This much is not a big mystery like everything else. Yuri Aoi was a natural born spirit. From her creation she had an incredible resavoir and spiritual presense. To the point that people around her in the rukongai district would feel uncomfortable to the point of primal fear. They believed that they will get killed (which was partially true) in order to survive many lashed out at her in order to kill her but they would always be the ones dying.

It wasn't long before Seireitei sent out teams to investigate the unstable flux of Spiritual presence and mass killings in Seireitei. Their search brought them all the way to the lowly districts of the Rukongai. Plagued by hunger and death. This was where they found self proclaimed Yuri, (later named Yuri Aoi and even later Yuri Kenpachi). They were quick to try and arrest her but those who tried couldn't even approach her, they were strangled by a stifling presense of her Spiritual. Those who managed to stay awake found themselves with life changing wounds.

Words would have been better to use as she wa soon convinced to come with them when offered food. She was hungry, she always was as children her age were. Soon within the walls of Seireitei she was studied by the 12th division, the careful inspection of the 1st division and great interest by the 11th division. Her surname Aoi comes from the 12th divisions, Project Blue or Project Aoi. She is the Second and successful project of creating naturally born souls. They were made to have immense Reishi reserves to resemble the famous Shinigami of old. However that isn't of great importance.

Around when she looked like a 11 year old. She was given a bokken to train in the spiritual academy. However they soon realized there was no basics to teach her. Her swordsmenship was oddly enough refined to point of graduation and better than most rookie Shinigami. Her strength and close quarters combat lead to the broken arm of instructors. The only areas she lacked were Kido. She seemed to have no talent in it despite the immense spiritual resevoir she held. Perhaps she would become a prospective 11th division member.

True to her specs, she was taken in by the 11th division. The youngest member of the 11th division, a record breaking history. She was given a seperate training by the ranking officers of the 11th division. This was simply to give her newly given Zanpakuto to properly develop (her Asauchi) to get to know her and to accomodate her. It soon developed into a very good Zanpakuto perfect to her needs.

Another surprising fact was that her skills in the short space she was in the 11th division seemed to have excelled at a ridiculous rate. Her mastery of different techniques could only be explained by her unique origins and natural born talent. However no one knew how she always practised a certain technique till she mastered it and even then tried to improve it.

It was not a surprise when she came to be ranked as a single digit officer within the 11th division. She was favoured by the Captain of the division. At such a young age she was already considered a sword master able to rival even the greatest of shinigami.

She had an interesting relatioship with the division captain. Mentor and student and even somtimes something else. Both were fond of each other and often contended to be the best. A lot of her skills were refined with him. Her low rank was only a formality. Her drinking habits also started then. It was not a bad thing. 11th division members were prone to drinking. Her alcohol tolerance proved to be as a great as her Reiatsu.

By the time she had reached 3rd seat in her division there was nothing she could not cut. Her fine mastery of the blade made sure that there was nothing she could not cut through. Even the hard Hierro of the Arrancar proved to be like air compared to finesse. She had greater control of her Reiatsu and learned to strengthen her defense and attack.

She wasn't the fastest person in the history to achieve Bankai. But her young age was nonetheless an achievement. Her Shikai and Bankai was perfect in the accomodation of her large spiritual reserve. An incident caused the 11th division Captain to be promoted to the position of Sotaicho, Captain Commander and supreme general of the military might. Though traditionally the lieutenant would be given the right to succeed the position of the available 11th division. Yuri was another candidate for the position. Both Candidates had their Bankai and proved their worth in front of the Captains. As traditions dictate it was to be decided by mortal combat.

The battle was decided even before it started. The bets were all on Yuri and the Lieutenant knew wghat would happen but he was no coward and wanted to show his own worth before being killed. The duel started with ring of a bell, even before it could stop its resonanse, the arena had been destroyed by a single swing. The Lieutenant cut finally down his right shoulder. Yuri was now Yuri Kenpachi. Her reputation grew further and further in Soul Society. Her beauty, Her skills, her undefeated liver.

Upon reaching this stage, Yuri created alot of her own techniques and styles. Transcended other styles and bested many other styles.

To this day Yuri holds the title and is a valuable war asset to the Seireitei. The story continues. She has had her fair share of close calls, obtaining scars here and there she is famous for being able to cut anything and now secretly contends for the title of cut by no one. She aims to hold the strongest raw defense to transcend past Hierro.

A few centuries later, she has proven such. Raw power and Raw strength none can triumph her except save for the old 11th division psychopath during his peak days. Through series of unfortunate events and missing of the former Captain commander. The Peaceful Gotei 13 has seen a regime change, that which is Yuri Shisaragi. Oh yes, adopted as a surrogate daughter from the noble family of peace. Yuri has the backing of her former division of the 11th and the backing of the strongest and most influential family the shisaragi.

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Yuri "Aoi"
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