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 Appointment [PvT]

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PostSubject: Appointment [PvT]   Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:00 am

Beauty, Death, Composure, Chaos, War, Balance, Life, Destruction. The soft taps of flat soles shoes echoed in the lonely corridor. The empty spaces echoing the walker. They very coldness of the staircase was what gave comfort in the uncomfortable presence. The way down was long, an awkward way down for anyone who would need to accompany the lone soul. There was a light smell of red roses trailing behind the pitch black hair. A Zanpakuto held casually at the sides. The eyes that had witnessed many executions were covered behind the veil of hair. The free hand used for culling sent a comb of fingers through the veil. It was a brief moment, revealing hazel eyes that seemed to hold no particular emotion other than boredom. An Iconic figure among the Soul Reapers of the Gotei 13, Yuri Aoi. Ever since her coming, Soul Society had seen the bar raised a couple dozen times. Her career was a path carved by her sword and a carpet plunged in red. She held many titles, the most well-known was "Kenpachi" the title held only by strongest in the infamous battle division of Soul Society. Her steps found her at the last step, her walk continuing into a round reception room with ceiling so high that it echoed the crisp silence. Doors were soon found and automatically opened at her approach. The oak smell of a sauna escaped from the cozy room. "ENTER! Yuri Aoi of the house Shisaragi, the blue crane!" "You old geezers better have a reason for calling me down into this sorry worm hole you call the heart of Seireitei"
Outrage, smashing of desks, and spittle flying onto the screen boards which hid their identities. "SILENCE!! SILENCE!!" Disgruntled but subdued. "You ought to watch your tongue Reaper, your Surname will not give you any protection here" Shouts of agreement.
"Watch your tongue snake, I'm not the one hiding behind a wooden panel. Your plank will not protect your jaws." The deathly vibration. Complete submission. Yuri Aoi Shisaragi, recently taken in as an Adopted Daughter from the house of the Blue Crane. A smart move from the most influential Noble House. Training the battle-born Kurohime of the 11th division into more than an Idolized artisan of War.
"Gentlemen please, we have more important matters to address!... Shisaragi Yuri, former Captain of the 11th division. Currently an inactive member of the Gotei 13 due to the special request of the Head of House. You are aware of the pro-longed absence of the Sotaicho? His disa-
[color:edd1=blue"Skip. Bottom Line"

" Yes. With the current state of affairs, we the Central 46, voice of the Spirit King whom resides in the Sky Appoint you the New Captain Commander of the Thirteen Royal Court Guards"
No Protests, simply hidden eyes all on the Shinigami. Silence.
"You are authorized to use any means. Protect this world"
"You bald heads make the air in my lungs leak out like a flat tire. Pathetic grease balls ordering us to do our duty and service. Cowering behind those anonymous planks, what keeps you safe isn't your stupid anonymity and collective brains, it's the grit and blood of us Reapers. Have some decency as elders of the spirit world." The council kept back their rebukes, choking on the weight of truth. Grumbling and grinding their teeth, their shame could be seen even through the opaque panels. The Black Princess turned, her length of black hair slashing the air. Sotaicho Kurohime. "Mumon..."

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Appointment [PvT]
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