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 Ookami ~Done~

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---Why see the world when you've got the beach?---

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Ookami Miyamoto
Shinigami Aliases: The black haired Oni
Gender: Male
Age: 1023
Birth Date: May 23rd
Rank Status: Captain (Elite)

Affiliated Division: Sanbantai (Squad 3)


Standing at 6 feet even and weighing about 218 pounds, Ookami looks skinnier than he really is. He has beautiful hazel, stone cold looking eyes, but in battle you'll only notice his sunglasses. Black, long hair flows down his back, while his skin being dark with a gold undertone supporting his body. Occasionally he'll crack a smile that will either melt your soul, or send chills down your spine depending on the occasion. His outfit usually consists of gauntlets on his arms, baggy but loose fitting pants and his heavy ass Captain's robe, which actually make him look cooler. He leaves his jacket sleeveless so he can use his swordplay better, which is very effective actually. On his face lies a pair of sunglasses that can block out most bright lights, but also just make him look more bad-ass than he already is. He keeps his entire torso and part of his arms wrapped in bandages for no other reason other than it looks cool... he's a little cocky as you can tell.

Various tattoos lie on his body, the two that he considers the most important are the ones on his arms. The tattoo on his left arm is a rooster half-sleeve, while on the left is a koi fish half-sleeve. The rooster is orange-red and has the bird in front of the sun with its talons arched out out attacking. The koi fish is gray with a blueish hue and covered in water. On his back is a picture of an epic ass samurai fighting a dragon under a moonlight with a glowing katana with wolves on his side and tigers on the dragons.


The man known as the Silver Oni has a distinct personality, one that stands out if you don't know or understand him. First off let me state (as the creator) that what he displays, and what he is are two sides.


To the world Ookami is a funny, yet serious guy. He'll make you laugh, but if you laugh too hard he'll yell at you for not getting your work done. To his friends and family though, he seems to be a really kind and loving man, who wouldn't even harm the mosquito sucking blood from his veins. This Ookami is the kind of guy you'd see handing people food at a shelter or giving his last dollar to a homeless man asking for sake to ease his pain. (Not saying he would, just stating he's that nice) He's calm, cool and collective. Around women he's a really interesting dude who tries to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Ookami exudes confidence, and doesn't try to act like a douche while doing so. He's basically better than you is what I'm saying.


Oni on the other hand... Oni is a trip. This version of him lives for only battle and sex... sometimes both at the same time. His voice is harsh, cold and low. He boasts about himself a lot, he speaks like he doesn't care about anyone else in the world and he curses a lot more. The nice Ookami would seem like a fairy compared to this one. His pride overtakes his confidence and he'll fight anyone that dares challenging him without double thinking it. He's the kind that would slay one thousand enemies in combat, then lick the blood covered blade and laugh manically. (Again, not saying he would) But when it comes to women... he's just as merciless. The only way a woman would see Oni though is in the bedroom, or if the girl knows him. Oni is rough, vain and doesn't cease until his partner cannot move, oh and he's like this during combat as well. Again, he's better than you.

Trying to understand Ookami is a pain in the ass, his duel personalities conflict with each other to people who have just met him. He tries to explain the real him is the Captain, but even he can't decide whether he's the "kind" Ookami or the rude Oni. One thing you can state about him is that his lives in a world of Illusions. What you see is not what you get, and with him what you see can be altered into believing whatever he wants you to. He lies and deceives, but only for the greater good, not for his own gain. With all this said, to people outside the box it may seem like he has multiple personalities, but in all reality, you just have to be with him to learn who Ookami really is.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 3
  • Level 0
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time

Life: Ookami Miyamoto was born May 23rd weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces, in a small Chicago hospital. His mother was Japanese, his father was African-American, both were in the film industry. He was a healthy baby, screeching once he left the womb. His mama thought a Japanese name would fit the male the best, so she gave him the name "Ookami " which means Wolf. His father was an Otaku and wanted to name her something dumb like "Shinji" or "Riku" but the boy's mother wasn't going with that bullshit of course.

The Miyamoto family (because his father took his wife's last name) lived on the south side of Chicago, which was known for it's roughness, if you stayed on the wrong street. Having money the family lived in a decent neighborhood, somewhere Ookami  made lot of friends and created many wonderful childhood stories that one would talk about for a lifetime. His  funny personality attracted people in, so ofc all through school she was popular. I mean... Ookami s life was pretty normal, I can sum shit up. He got into his first fist fight at age 5 (and lost), he took up Kendo classes because of that (why not karate? Because I said kendo). Two weird men by the names of Rooster-san and Koi-san were his trainers, and they were both brutal, but he learned swordplay to the fullest. The boy got his first girlfriend at 11, (she dumped his dumb ass for playing with pokemon cards and not yugioh cards smh) he was popular in high school, and was voted prom king and lost his virginity the same night.

One day tragedy struck when an ex friend of Ookami's father, who just so happened to be apart of one of the deadliest gangs in Chicago, thought it would be a good idea to rob the family. That said gang member and his three friends snuck into the family's house, but once they realized the man was already there they decided to take him hostage until his father got back from work and extort money from the man. Ookami  wasn't having this, and he single-handedly took out the three lackeys with his katana. But the last asshole (the ex friend) shot him in the chest like 5 times...

Dude didn't die, he actually got up and stabbed the bastard through his spine once he tried to flee. The boy then passed out. After that his dad came home, called 911, and he was taken to the hospital blah blah blah. This experience taught Ookami that life is short, and he'd have to live it to the fullest! So once he was completely healed and left the hospital he vowed to live every day to the fullest! Entertaining people was something his family was good at, and the man had a talent for rapping. It was decided... Ookami would become a rapper! He died a week later from a drug overdose of cough syrup. Ookami Miyamoto died drinking too much lean.

A second chance:

Ookami died while visiting his Japanese family in Tokyo. Once he arrived in the Soul Society his only regret was that he couldn't finish the amount of lean in the cup. Getting settled in this new environment wasn't easy, they didn't have TV or video games or anything interesting really... it was just odd fashioned japanese crap. Because of this Ookami had nothing to do but train his sword skills daily, sleep and eat. Of course he made friends due to his personality, and became pretty well known, but this also made him the target of haters. Assholes tried to fight our boy daily, but our hero won every fight. This caught the attention of the soul society, and they sent a scout to test him. Ookami embarrassed the scout by cutting his clothes off without leaving a single scratch on his body.

Ookami felt that going into the soul society would be the smartest thing to do. He'd have an endless amount of battles, all the food and women he'd want and would be able to NOT BE SO BORED ALL THE TIME. So of course the next few years went by fast, Ookami passing any challenge the academy tries throwing his way. Our hero was able to land an officer seating under squad 9 right out of the academy, he rose up to 3rd seat in about 5 years. On the way to his rise, he began getting close with the beautiful Lt. of his squad (who shall remain nameless). They fell in love and spent almost every waking minute with each other. Really the two were inseparable, and thinking of getting married and all of that generic history BS.

Oh Captain my Captain:
For 19 years Ookami was under the rule of the idiotic and lazy Captain of Squad 3... he did nothing but drink booze and hit on women all day. One day a group of  like 100 menos began heading towards the Seireitei, and the other Divisions were busy, so Squad 3 had to deal with them. The Captain was too drunk to do anything, leaving only the LT. in charge. Though she fought hard, the woman died in combat, leaving a bloodlusted Ookami and his dying companions to finish off the enemies. This mfer went HAM! Ookami was able to demolish the creatures, but knew that wouldn't bring back this fallen fiance. So after the last Menos was killed, and the Soul Society regained order, the man challenge his Captain. Ookami cut off the lazy bastards dome in like 5 damn seconds in front of EVERYONE, without hit Shikai (or Bankai) and kicked it like a field goal into the stars above. He was deemed the new Captain and people were actually relieved. All the stress from his hard death caused the man to fall into a depression, one he hides from everyone. This depression caused him to become addicted to opium, but he was able to kick the addicted and gain a new one. Now he's just addicted to killing hollows and fucking random bad bitches that keep that wet wet. Life is good, his dramas are gone and his skills keep increasing, but slowly boredom follows. Ookami is pretty old compared to a few Captains, so he wonders is this all his life will amount too? Just killing hollows forever? What a boring fate.

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Ookami ~Done~
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