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 Chains that Bind (LB)

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H. Kayla

Chains that Bind (LB) Empty
PostSubject: Chains that Bind (LB)   Chains that Bind (LB) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 15, 2013 4:19 am

Chains that Bind (LB) Chainsthatbindad-2

Their numbers have risen. The so called gifted. Teenagers around the world have been waking up to discover that they possess some of these unusual abilities. Abilities that make them a threat, at least in the government's eyes. So, the Ashford Project has begun. On a remote island in the middle of the ocean is the Ashford School for the Gifted. To the outside world, it's an elite school for talented students. But, to the school's student body, it's a prison. Here, the students are taught to control their powers and forced into ordinary lives. Otherwise, they're trained to become military weapons.

Inside school walls, war wages. There are the Prefects, teens trained by the government who keep the student body in line. They are oppressive and are willing to go to any means to keep the school under their control. Then...there is the Battle Front. The Battle Front fights against the Prefects for a world where they don't have to hide their powers. The adults at the school do nothing to stop it. Chains were meant to be broken and as the battle continues...which side will you stand on?
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Chains that Bind (LB)
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