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 Anthony's zanpakto [WIP]

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PostSubject: Anthony's zanpakto [WIP]   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:59 am

Sealed Descrition
Sealed state:
Goku in a sealed state is not like the normal weapon of a vizard or former captain it looks like a simple combat knife and he used to have it held in a custom-made pair of combat boots that had a knife holster on the right boot and on the right side. It is an eight-inch black steel knife crafted by the old captain of the 12th division. This blade only weights 3 pounds and is great for close combat and fast reactions to attacks that would be coming at him however, because of his spiritual pressure it usually is always in shikia state so this advantage is barely ever usable. The hilt of the blade is made of the same material as the blade but it is wrapped in black tape to give you a better grip when holding the knife which also comes later into play with the shikia.

Release Phase: “Only through darkness and despair will you understand.”
Class-Type: Melee
Family-Type: Darkness
Sub-Type" Constant Release

Shikai Description:
As Goku is released into Shikai state the blade slowly seems to unravel and become wrapping tape like that which is on its hilt and then it begins wrapping around Anthony’s arms which would look like the wrap he usually wears. Seeing as his blade is now always in its shikai state, which at first confused Anthony but then, he got used to it and stopped thinking so much of it. With this transformation, the blade would completely disappear and the wrap would go half way up his forearm and would stop and it would also on the other hand only go halfway down his fingers so it would look like a training wrap to any fighters that saw him. After being wrapped on his hands and half his forearm the wrap will turn into black steel to increase his punching power and still staying the same weight as in its sealed form.
Shikai Special Ability:
Shadow step:  Anthony’s  Shikai gives him a very special ability that is not of his usual fighting style but that tends to happen that every once and awhile people get a great ability even though it truly wasn’t meant for them…. This ability lets Anthony create shadow clones of him as he walks slowly whether it is in a line or a circle it also works while he is in the air or on the ground.  This happens from his shadow seeming to spring to life however, there can only be twenty clones out at one time and they cannot do anything after the form they are simply an illusion technique granted by the shikai. These clones disappear only after being hit. These clones are almost exact replicas of Anthony so it is impossible to tell if they are really him or not unless you are standing right in front of them nose to nose… 


Bankai Release Phase: "Son Goku: Dive back into your darkness"
When son goku enters, bankai state the metal that once wrapped his hands turns into a black mist that seems to still grip his hands and forearm. However, even more mist is formed around his body forming what seems to be a armor made of black mist. This mist can freely be used for all types of minor actions but nothing that would be something that takes most people would think simply for it being mist that this bankai state is slower and less effective. However, this is the exact opposite and it is used to fool the enemy it is a fast pace mist that can be used for just about anything and is most effective at mid to close range so the mist can only be controlled up to half a mile and it cannot take a sharp form to pierce unless used in technique form but can bind people to help better get attacks off. This mist can only be cut or blown away by bankai level seeing, as it truly is Son Goku in bankai form.
Bankai Special Ability:
Goku’s bankai ability feeds off his shikai ability now that he has created whatever amount of clones that he chooses for the time and battle of just to confuse and mess with them to further his chances of winning.  He can now solidify five of the clones that he created and control them as another entity however the clones cannot use any of the swords abilities they are also only at 3rd seat strength when it comes to attack power and speed.  These clones will disappear like when fighting a regular person after a kill shot has been given and they are all controlled in the same post. This means when I post I will be controlling all that are still alive and the ones I choose to keep alive. I can switch which are alive and just images at will however only five can be active at one time.  In short, this ability lets me control five extra people but they cannot use any of the bankai or shikai abilities. However they can use one technique but when that technique is completed they disappear.


#1 Bankai
Name - Shadows vengeance  
Class: Offensive
Attributes: Attack, Instant,
' Effect ' This technique is preformed by Brink stabbing his or the enemies shadow with a blade made from the shadow and the wound will be inflicted to the persons body whos shadow he stabs it can be any object and seeing as the sword would simply fade when it stabs anything other than a shadow this doesn't break the ruling of using the mist but it also has the draw back of not being able to do damage other than with this attack.

Range: Has to be in viewing distance of the user
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: 1
Cooldown: 2

#2 Bankai
Name - The Abyss
Class: Offensive
Attributes: Attack, instant
' Effect ' "Let the darkness consume you..."
Brink says the phrase that is provided above and then snaps is fingers in the general direction of the target he is trying to hit and it will either use the natural shadows of the object or will send mist based on if there are any existing shadows and it will form a black hole on the target in an instant that will destroy anything that enters it or is touched by it this is a circle that can be expanded but consume the base of a building or be small enough to fit inside someones throat however, it takes the circle being expanded and properly placed to do anything also it only works for a short period of time so if it is dodged this technique was a wasted attempt IF you can react in time and once the object is gone you can never get it back such as a bankai that might enter it will be forever lost even if you release it back to shikai once bankai that piece that was lost if forever gone...

Range: medium, 50 yards
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations:1
Cooldown: 3

#3 Bankai
Name- Devils wings
Class: Defensive
Attributes: Defensive, buff
' Effect '
Brink snaps his fingers and the mist swiftly turns into two black wings that form on his back and they are hard as steel yet light as a feather. They can be used to shield multiple hits from a bankai level weapon they can only be destroyed by a light style bankai that hits it directly. They can lift Brink two miles in the air and can assist him in going up to 120 mph making when he hits while flying devastating.

Range: They expand 5 yards each
Preparation: 1 post
Post Durations: 5
Cooldown: 8

Kidou Techniques: N/A
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Anthony's zanpakto [WIP]
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