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PostSubject: Sekhmet   Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:49 am

Arrancar Template

This isn't the afterlife I was expecting, but I'm glad I came here instead of where I thought I was going.

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Sekhmet
Hollow Aliases: The Harbinger of Death and Destruction
Gender: Female
Age: 367
Birth Date: July 4th
Rank Status: Primera
Cero Color: Black with a purplish tint.
Aspect of Death: Destruction
Hollow Hole Location: Neck

Appearance:Sekhmet has assume the appearance of a child that has not entered her teenage years. Having the height of an average nine-year-old, which is forty-eight inches, and weighing roughly sixty pounds. She doesn’t have any excessive fat, looking very svelte for someone of her age. And she does possess the body of a contortionist, being able to twist and bend her body into unnatural positions with ease. Muscle tone doesn’t show on her body structure, fooling people into thinking that she’s lacking in strength, though this if farther from the truth. On top of having strength, speed is something that can be utilized easily due to her small structure. Body isn’t everything when coming to described appearance, so moving away from that we describe Sekhmet’s features.

Sekhet has a face that shaped as either a diamond or a heart, leaning more towards being diamond-shaped than heart-shaped. Her eye color is magenta, which is a light purplish red. She has light brown skin, the number ‘1’ placed on the back of her left hand. Her hair is short, barely brushing her shoulder though a large piece of hair at the front left side of her face does pass her left shoulder. Golden bands are wrapped at the end of the longer piece of hair, a round trinket tied to the end of it

Sekhmet wears a traditional short, sandy white, dress. The dress is decorated with green and blue patterned collar, the sleeves having the same design. The dress is classified as being sleeveless. Three upside down triangles varying in size and color, go down the middle of the dress and stop at her torso. On the sides of the dress are black rectangular box that begin and stop at the same time as the triangles.

Sekhmet wears another outfit which consist of a short red vest, a long red skirt with slits on both side tied by a black belt, and visible white undergarments.

Both outfits have no shoes that go with it, Sekhmet preferring to be barefoot. A three golden bands choker is worn around the neck and thus covers her hollow hole. A loose red string necklace with a bird pendant is also worn. Three golden bands are worn on both wrist and ankles.
Outfit #1:
Outfit #2:

Personality: Sekhmet is an exceptionally stoic and composed individual with a logical and pragmatic approach to life. She is condescending and sarcastic, the former of the two she isn't aware of. The understanding of right and wrong have been something the Arrancar has been unable to grasp, nor does she care to learn what would be considered right or wrong. Her belief is that the concept was merely something constructed by humans to restrict what others could do by throwing the 'right and wrong' concept in their faces, or shoving it down their throats. Many people use it now, but it's not something that Sekhmet is at all concerned about learning nor following such a concept. The Arrancar believes that there is no such thing as right or wrong, and doesn't allow a concept to deter her from her motives or everyday life.

Sekhmet is a very placid person, not one to become angered nor upset easily. She actually believes that such negative emotions only hinder and cloud her judgement, discarding such emotions in order to have a clear mind. Due to discarding negative emotions, Sekhmet is a very relaxed and easy-going individual, and could be seen as rather lazy. Her cheerful and tranquil personality gives her an air of nonchalance that's very calming to others. The intelligence of the Arrancar is displayed in her actions and her matter of speaking, presenting maturity not expected from someone of her age. But Sekhmet isn't one that someone should expect the best advice from, her method of getting rid of problems is to eliminate them before or after they become an annoyance to her. It works for her, but other interpret her advice  differently from it's intended reason. But it's not something that concern her enough to correct the misconception, knowing that she would be left alone if people believe her advice to be warped.

Besides being someone who is rather shrewd, never doing anything without a valid reason, Sekhmet is somewhat twisted. Her sense of humor is rather twisted, finding things that others would find depressing to be quite funny. She doesn't think that her sense of humor is twisted, but it could be seen as such. The Arrancar smiles a lot, finding no real reason to not do so. But she tends to smile in situation where that is frowned upon, like funerals, though she doesn't care all that much. Sekhmet isn't one to spare the feelings of others, being blatantly and brutally honest though she doesn't allow feelings to control what she says. And she's one to observe rather than to help, watching comrades fight a losing battle with an enemy only to interfere before they are struck with a death blow. The only time she engages in fights is if it's initiated by someone besides herself, or if she is forced to due to a mission. Only time Sekhmet will fight of her own accord is during spars, but like in all her fights, Sekhmet leaves her sparring mates in a bloody mess. That may be how she earned her nickname, since she never seemed to have a problem with beating people, friends and enemies alike, into a bloody pulp. But that's mainly due to her lack of a guilty conscience that would normally tell her that that's not wise to beat allies like she beats enemies.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability: Iron Sand -

  • Level (3)
  • Level (3)
  • Level (3)
    Cero / Bala
  • Level (3)
  • Level (3)

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