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 Daizai Bachi

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Shinigami Template

Daizai Bachi

---Once i'm gone  It's all over---

Shinigami Encyclopedia 


Birth Name: Daizai Bachi
Shinigami Aliases:  Shadow's whisper
Gender:  Male
Age: 871
Birth Date:  August 2nd
Rank Status: Captain (Elite)

Affiliated Division: Nibantai (Squad 2)


Daizai doesn't stand tall, only measuring in at 179cm and weighing in at 73kg. Holding himself tall however to make up for his lack of being in the clouds, he still strikes a fearsome figure. His hair is above average length, coming just past his shoulders spiking out slightly in an unkempt look. It is coloured with a dark blue, near being black, with his fringe coming in-between his eyes which are a light brown colour. Daizai's features often carry a sombre look to them, they would be compared to a nobleman's being sleek and pointed. His body is well toned with muscle, not heavy set and showy but still very impressive. His whole form is compact which is how he prefers. He wears the usual clothing of the 13 divisions, with a white sash tied around his waist. On top of all that his captain's Haori is the same as any other bar the cut off sleeves, showing his black ones of his regular shinigami clothing. On his forearms he wears long fingerless gloves which stop short of a few centimetres from his elbows. Opting to tie his shorter than average sword on the small of his back, sideways for a more discrete draw, and does not get in the way when moving. The hilt points to the right leaving little of the weapon exposed, but enough for someone to notice it being there.

The captain of the second division is a serious person to most. Captains and Shinigami as a whole rarely get time off, Daizai keeps his business and personal life separate. He prefers to keep quiet in most situations, actions peaking louder than words, a stern look solving many a situation. However it isn't the strong silent type he aims to fill, as his division deals in secrets and assassinations words can betray oneself very easily. Which is why when speaking aloud, with plenty of people to hear he remains very conservative with his words, a direct way of speaking with the authority he knows he commands. Daizai more often prefers to whisper in somebody's ear to get a direct message across to someone, obviously taking that precaution when other people are around. If a message is too important, or Daizai just wants to, he will often deliver a message himself. It delivers a stronger message that he takes care of his own errands, his speed allowing for him to go out of his way without upsetting day to day running of his division. This serious nature makes it looks like he doesn't enjoy himself, he wouldn't allow himself to laugh whilst on duty. He comes across as a cold person, he doesn't show an interest in what people are saying, nor seem to have any hobbies. A simple nod may be all you receive to address what you were saying, sometimes he may not even acknowledge it.

In his personal life Daizai is much more open, it is a large contrast to his formal business like self. First you would have to get him to warm up to you, there's no specific trick to it, most have done it just with sheer persistence. That is something in itself, from his apparent lack of interest in other people, to get him to open up requires an inhuman persistence or luck if the mood has taken him that day. His out of work persona is one that is much more laid back, friendly even. He will share a laugh with those he trusts, not the joker himself but all for having a good time in the right moments.    Much more likely to have a smile on his face out of work, and much more talkative. Daizai isn't a loud person, but he is a very involved and friendly person he forms bonds with people. He doesn't trust these people with the whole of his being, but he is much more willing to allow them get away with more, cynicism comes from the type of job he has. This caring does also allow for a little leeway when he interacts with them in the work environment, he's a little more relaxed. Sometimes he can even be a little more playful, using his speed to play tricks on people, it depends on how close he feels to the person. This can extend to non friends, a prank may be elaborately set up and show the more humorous side of the 2nd division captain.

His goal in life is rather simple, to keep the Soul society running with no problems. He is dedicated to his job because he understands that there is a cycle to life and petty personal squabbles and goals have only ever upset the balance. As such Daizai has been known to tailor his actions in missions to keep the gears of this system working, failing and over achieving when he needs to. He doesn't believe himself better than people because of this. After all with the system running perfectly allows him to exist more comfortably as well, he sees actions as rarely selfish. He feels that he is a soldier with a purpose, which is why his work is so important to him. He is always looking to improve himself as well as the way the world works. He is open to everything, peace would be ideal for him, letting a hollow live for the sake of saving other souls etc. needless to say Quincy are a pet peeve for him but then again he isn't clued up on how their soul destruction works, and is willing to find out. If the balance gets too out of control he would without a second thought eradicate innocents to keep the realms in tact. In other words do not piss off Daizai.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview


  • Level 3
  • Level  3
  • Level  3
  • Level  3
  • Level  3

Once Upon A Time


Daizai's human life was insignificant. He only lived to the age of 21. In the Medieval age England was a tough place for someone with no family. Hard enough with parents. As an orphan, having lost his mother in birth and father to illness around the same time, he was brought in by a seemingly kind family a makeshift orphanage. The kind people kept him until he turned seven years of age, and then he was given to the local farmers. It wasn't an act of cruelty, but over the years younger children had to be cared for and he was getting to the age where he could work for a living. So he spent his days in the fields, ploughing the earth, sowing seeds and harvesting crops. It was a simple life but at the same time hard, he merely worked for the roof over his head and the food he was given. This was the monotony that aided his death. Eventually as he got older the farmers gave him a tiny amount of pay, which he squandered on cheap alcohol at a nearby inn and cheap whores. He died simply from a work accident, as cheap a death as it was he one day tripped and fell onto a sickle he was using to cut the crops with. Finding himself out of his body a chain that seemingly had connected the place in the middle of his chest and what was his now dead body. It did not take long until a Shinigami came along and performed the soul burial on him, there weren't many people in the country at this point, though they did die often.

In the Rukongai he excelled, though with no memory of his past life he was fully programmed to hold his own, not bullied by those spirits who were bigger than he. He roamed the place, acting more as a silent thief, sleeping where he could when he could. It was only a few years before he begun to feel a hunger building inside him. From what he had heard around the districts, having hunger seemed to be a bad thing. So he fought it back keeping it at bay for a month as it slowly increased in urgency. Yet he could never find out why it was such a bad thing. Slinking around the place, but no-one would disclose the information, because no-one knew, and anyone who was likely to know, who had experienced it for themselves were nowhere to be found no matter how hard he looked around. Eventually it became too much for him to bear, he started to steal food from patrols. He was undiscovered for years, nearing a hundred which is a huge amount of time. However one day he was watched by a second division member, who then set the Shinigami from whom he had stolen from, onto him. He was left cut up pretty badly, nothing that neede durgent medical attention but it tapped into him. With the beating his power began to grow more rapidly meaning he would need to consume much more food. Stealing became less of an option and he lost the ability to be stealthy, choosing to run and sometimes fight if he had to. Eventually he needed a bigger fix, rather than spending his days in agony from hunger, until he learned of a huge food stash. Upon finding it he ate a huge amount. As he had touched the food he was being watched, Shinigami eyes followed him taking in how much he was eating and noticing the potential for the spiritual pressure he could have. After eating his fill Daizai was too sluggish to move, which is when the Shinigami came over and picked him up. This basically ended up with him in the academy. He didn't put up any fight, he had been wandering around just living for the years he had been a spirit. He had luckily been taken by Shinigami who cared they explained to Daizai the reason for the Soul Society. It was a purpose for his being, something he had been missing in his previous life, a goal that could fill him.

Within the academy he worked at a slower pace than others. He was thorough, taking each step through methodically even failing tests on purpose so he could receive more instruction to perfect the next move. He never quite mastered Kido in his time but he aimed for above average at least. Teachers did notice that he would do this, he had already received attention for his actions outside of the academy, lurking around sneaking a ghost. The second division had wanted him to excel, but his progression actually seemed to please them more. When he felt his training was sufficient he was snapped up by the second division. There they took his natural sneakiness and furthered them. A rookie of a lower rank but with the ability of a higher up was a good tool for their using. Captains used him as a an undercover agent, gaining other Shinigami's trust in other divisions, posing as a fellow member to make sure there were no plots against the soul society and no slacking. Fortunately he there was not much for him to discover but when there was he found it. Taking the appropriate actions, informing his captain first who then either requested their elimination or public arrest. The former being taken care of by Daizai to avoid mistakes from other members. He carried out his orders without any questions other than what was wanted of him. A perfect soldier he aimed to be, it made for a more simple life for a while. He had learned in the academy of the importance of the balance of souls, the purpose of Shinigami was solely to keep that balance, he took his job more than seriously. As the years passed Daizai learned of scheming within his own division. It was merely a whisper at the time, taking him near a century to uncover. It was painstakingly slow, a side thing to other missions until he could present something solid. After 90 years or so he finally caught someone in the act, but who it was shocked him to the core. It was the second division captain. Conflicted about learning his own leader allowing Arrancar to feed into Rukongai to devour souls, he started to learn more of them. It took him several more years of him gathering real proof, before taking action. Upon a meeting with his captain, he was late. Daizai was never late he took his job too seriously. But in the window of confusion, his appeared behind his captain and killed him. Those who noticed appeared in a flash to confront him, he fended them off with some difficulty until another captain managed to appear. Not attacking him on sight he gave Daizai the chance to explain. He managed to avoid being executed and did the Soul Society a service, but assassination of a captain needed punishment, or seen to be punished. He was sentenced to the Maggot's nest. This was during the captaincy of Garu who left the divisions for an unknown reason. But when the division was in need of a new captain they pulled Daizai out. In the nest he had been given enough leeway to train. Though he had been stripped of his Zanpakuto, before entering the Maggot's nest, not even the guards were allowed them. He had felt isolated without the other half of himself to talk to he missed it. Knowing his detention was never going to be permanent he had been told as much, he opted to train physically, the first few years making him realise that upon release he would have some serious work to do. Upon being released they put him into isolation on the surface, within the divisions headquarters, he had not properly talked to anyone in the time of his detention. Back in touch with his beloved other half he spent every day with it, asking to leave the Soul society so he could train in peace. His wish was granted partially, they made sure to have multiple members of the division with him though never too close. Zanpakuto training was a very private affair. It took him a solid ten years of materialising his spirit to obtain Bankai, and during that time he managed to regain his social skills, though still reserved. This allowed for him to be chosen as the next captain, he filled the role as if he had been born to do it, his Zanpakuto having spent this much time in the outside world guided him wherever he needed it. Upon his captaincy, he realised that he was falling short on his Kido abilities, now being a captain, and not afraid of hurting his pride he openly asked members of the 13th Division to help him. He spent spare time whenever he had it, taking him a year and a half to catch up, being rusty from the nest. Once he was fully proficient in the Shinigami arts he was a much more formidable captain.
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Don't see any issues with it at the time being. Welcome, Nibantai Taichou, Daizai Bachi.

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Daizai Bachi
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