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 The Underground

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PostSubject: The Underground   The Underground Icon_minitimeFri Sep 20, 2013 10:13 am

This site has a quality no other Slave/Master site can offer you. It won't be deleted, and you don't have to worry about breaking any TOS. Because the last UG was deleted by Proboards, it was moved to this new site, which operates a lot like Proboards, so there aren't even any changes to get used to =) Please, we ask that you give it a chance, and at least check it out.






   For centuries, these words have described the rich. The year now? Who cares. The words that describe the rich have yet to change.





   So are the words that have forever described the poor. The year? Who cares. The words that describe the poor have yet to change... But they have been added to.


   There are many ways to become a slave. Perhaps you cross someone you shouldn't have, perhaps you're born into it... Or perhaps you stole to feed yourself, to survive, and were caught. No matter the reason, reason or not, to become a slave is to loose your freedom. To belong to someone else.

To be, nothing...

   Reasons to Join:

   • We are an active, long running site. We've simply moved due to complications.
   • We have site events that involve everyone.
   • We're an open and friendly community, welcoming to newcomers.
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The Underground
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