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Fullbringer Template

Hansel Lawldyack

You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies.

Fullbringer Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Hansel E. Lancaster-Lawldyack.
Character Aliases: Hell , The Hyena , Desperado, The Giggling Man
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birth Date: Classified
Rank Status: Elite

Xtinction Role: Emissary Broker

Appearance: When depicting the head of Desperado, one must take into account his origins. Being a mixture of Dutch, South African, Ethiopian and Egyptian, the male has a strong jawline that is clearly defined. He is slim when compared to other humans and yet sports a well chiseled physique. His eyes are both yellow in color and he sports perfect teeth. His hair is silver due to his rapidly deteriorating health caused at the hands of an unknown virus. He is not capable of infecting others however, as the disease is rare and has a one in a trillion infection rate.

The disease is caused by his fullbring developing from his mother, whom was attacked by a hollow that carried a unique poisonous ability. The disease has been contained thanks to the activation of his fully powered fullbring thankfully, and it was isolated in his follicles. The male has lanky arms and lanky legs, but it appears more so that he is built to run track more so than anything else. He is a beautiful specimen to behold despite his obvious flaw. He has two tattoos on his body, a pyramid on his back and a smiling face on his chest.

The man is however a very snazzy dresser and despite having nothing noticeable about his powers that make him unique beyond what he wears on a regular basis, the man is a considerably well known tyrant. He is a fashion mogul and wears the most exotic and refined articles of clothing at all times. For this very reason he wears no uniforms without sprucing them up to the point of no return. He is in all senses of the word, a icon. This is just shown by how he even surpasses and starts trends without even attempting. Everywhere he goes.

The Protagonist  Th?id=H.4568377477498825&pid=1


Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

    Bringer Light
  • Level 3

  • Level 3

  • Level 3

  • Level 3 -

  • Level 3 - Hollow [Hierro]

Once Upon A Time

Those aiming for Non-Elite/Lower tier status must have a minimum of 250 words for their history.
Those aiming for Semi-Elite/Medium tier status must have a minimum of 500 words for their history.
Those aiming for Elite/Upper tier status must have a minimum of 1k words for their history.

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The Protagonist
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