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 Marisa Santiago

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Arrancar Template

Marisa Santiago

---There Is No Rest For The Wicked.---

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Marisa Santiago
Hollow Aliases: Loli-Chan, Broken Innocence
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown. Presumably 3,000....
Birth Date: July 17
Rank Status:Primera Espada's Fraccion
Cero Color: Gold with black static surrounding it.
Aspect of Death: Madness
Hollow Hole Location: Just below her chest right above her navel.

Marisa stands at the very short height of four feet even, the size of a small child. She weighs in at exactly seventy-five pounds. Her stature is small and she doesn't have that shape a female would have upon hitting puberty. The curves and dips of a female that is entering womanhood has evaded Marisa's grasp as she died young and unable to reach puberty at that age. Because of this many mistaken her for weak and a child, both are incorrect as those who mock her for these things find out sooner rather than later, on their own. Her hands and feet are small, dainty, and well manicured being able to reach into small spots were a large hand would not. Her arms and legs though with a fragile appearance can carry things three times her size. Her skin is clean, clear and without scar or blemish it holds a sun kissed sandy color, not pink like a peach but not pale either.

Her head is slightly oval as her face takes on a heart shaped appearance. On top of her head thick, heavy, warm blond locks fall in messy waves. The color of her hair can be properly described as honey blond being darker and warmer in color than other strands of blond hair. Her hair falls down to her waist which makes her look smaller against the thick, long, messy locks of hair. Moving from her hair to her facial features one will notice her eyes before anything else. Though not uncommon or outstanding in anyway the look she gives a person is what brings the attention to them. Light Brown eyes filled with a dead innocence question those who look into them. Heavy lashes brush her face when she blinks and thin light colored eyebrows sit inches from her eyes. Marisa is capable of make a wide range of facial expressions and does so when she so pleases. her lips small and rose petal pink are soft to the touch and the only curve she can muster if she smiles. Just above her lips a nose sits, small and almost unnoticeable.  

Her Hollow mask remnant sits on top of her head. It's shaped in the fashion of a broken crown, sharp and spiked.

Clothing wise Marisa is very simple though she changes it up from time to time. Her most common outfit is a plain white night gown that comes just above her knees. The night gown is long sleeved and is frilly at the ends of the sleeves and the gown itself. Around her neck a collar sits and folds down while two buttons keep it closed up. just under her flat chest another set of frills comes around her. She prefers white to most colors and wears it all the time even with other colors. She wears nothing on her feet when she wears her night gown and it is an absolute wonder why they never get dirty.


Marisa was born into royalty but killed as a traitor. Trust is not something won easily with this one and she is on constant guard around everyone even her superiors. This lack of trust often leaves her quiet and observative . Though once trust has been earned  and established she is loyal to the end knowing that a strong bond can be quite useful in dire situations.

Her loyalty is something extremely invaluable as she will go to extreme lengths to protect and serve the ones she is loyal to the most. The life and death that she has led has molded Marisa into a twisted version of her younger self when she was alive. She retains many of the mannerisms of her noble and royal heritage. With that being said she when in the presence of someone higher in rank than she is, Marisa shows outstanding politeness and charisma. Holding herself high like a person born into royalty should.  Though those she feels are inferior to her are looked down upon and constantly  challenged. She feels that those who cannot compare to her should kiss the ground she walks on or perish. Her feelings in this manner are frequently pushed onto humans and lower Arrancar even other Fraccion.  

Marisa is a born opportunist and quite ambitious. She works through others to get what she desires and uses her child-like body to trick those naive enough to fall for it. When in battle she uses her innocent features to project inexperience and lure foes into a false sense of ability. Only showing her true power when she understands that someone has caught onto the little ruse.

Fighting for her life and her old age has made her quite wise and extremely resourceful. Not much can get pass her. And she is quick to call the brave being out who tries. Her aspect of death being Madness is true to its statement having a big hand in the way Marisa ticks and works. Though the statements are true a bit of a contradiction is in order. Madness.. Insanity... It's not something that can be controlled and often controls others. Its up to a person to embrace it or fight it. Being an Arrancar Marisa chose to embrace her Madness and has no problem in letting it take over.

Madness is as states before not something one can control. When it takes over Marisa either through someone triggering it or it rearing its head in on its on well she is no longer Marisa. Bouts of laughter, Monotoned speaking, speaking back to her superiors, going against orders in extreme cases.  It's complicated and not something to be understood. It's apart of her and she honestly doesn't know when she has gone mad or if she is always mad. Whatever the case Marisa is a very unique individual like most are.

All in all Marisa knows her place in the world and uses it to her advantage to survive. She can't control what she is and dose not try to. Her loyalty is something most would spend their whole lives searching for only to find it in the most broken of people and having to do much to earn it. She does not let her past control her future but she doesn't forget that it made her what and who she is. Her body might be young but her mind is old and with the knowledge, and life ( and death ) experience she has come to know how to manipulate how her life is lived. A burning flame waiting to be fed and waiting to spread.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability:

Royal Decree:

     Royal Decree allows the user to infect almost anything they touch with an explosive compound that is created on the palms of their hands. The touch acts instantly on anything that is considers not a living thing. Thing like walls, trees, brick, etc and etc can easily be infected with the explosive compound. The touch does not work on living things at all, so hand to hand touching won’t cause the a person to take on this explosive compound, but their cloths and weapons can detonated. Once something has been infected it can be detonated with a simple command, (Think of a release world) or a snap of the fingers. The blast does as much damage as a kido 33, or level one cero.

  • Level 3
  • Level 2
  • Level 2
    Cero / Bala
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Once Upon A Time

" It's a girl?!- The Birth and Death

It was a time of kings and queens, slaves and commoners, where royalty reign and the rest of the world suffered...
Though in the castles and thrones behind curtains closed, power turns those desperate blind in makes the humblest of folks bold. Those below in the muck and grime should be happy they don't have to go through what royalty does...It's a hard life for those who want to rule...

In the heart of Spain a wondrous occasion is about to unfold, as the next king to the throne is about to be born.
In a very clean room doctors and nurses move about calmly. A woman no older than twenty-one pants tiredly on a bed. The woman Queen Isabella had gone through eight hours of a birthing process that would turn out to be her undoing. She had given birth to a baby girl which was a sign of bad luck since the next to the throne needed to be a boy. The Queen named her daughter Marisa after her own mother. The child was the spitting image of herself but with all the king's coloring. The birth of the first born angered the king and he detested his wife and his daughter when he found out a son had not been produced. The Queen was overjoyed to have her child in her life and did not pay attention to her husbands sudden mood changes never realizing that her death was near.

The King; Roberto tried many times to produce another child with his wife. As the years went on it was clear that this would not happen. Preparing his daughter and wife to be executed as he himself searched for a new bride to produce a male heir would be no easy task, but in the eyes of the king it had to be done.

Growing up Marisa always had a overwhelming personality, that mixed with the fact she was waited on hand and foot made for a very spoiled child. Though she excelled in her teachings and mannerisms when it fancied her it was clear that she was not the one to be trifled with. She made light work of many slaves for the simplest things and she enjoyed seeing them executed on the spot. Her mother would be very upset when things were this way but she herself could do nothing to stop the child and the king seem far to preoccupied to care at all what his daughter did. And oh was the king preoccupied...

Upon hitting nine years old Marisa was a lot more calmer than she was when she was younger. Less slaves died if any and she was more lenient looking past a lot of things that she would other wise have had folks executed for. Her mind was on something someone had told her and it changed her in a way that had most people frightened. The king with all his plotting could not see that his own seed had grown up and could very well do a better job than any son he could have. But alas his mind was set and on the night before his daughter's twelfth birthday he ordered his most trusted guards to kill his wife while he would take care of his daughter. Sneaking into her room he quickly attempted to kill the young child. Thinking she was in her bed he quickly stabbed at the covers and soon found out there was nothing there.
Someone had long ago told Marisa about the attempted on her life. She didn't know who it would be and when she emerged from her hiding place she attacked and killed her father unknowingly with a sword through his back and into his heart. Upon realizing what she had done she dropped to her knees as her father shouted out in pain. Crying she ran out of the room only to bump into the guards that killed her mother. Seeing what was done Marisa was taken in and blamed for the deaths of both of her parents. When she tried to explain that her father was trying to kill her and that she didn't know what happened to her mother no one would believe her. She was ordered to be humiliated and sold into slavery since death was to good for " the likes of her. "

Marisa was humiliated fully before being sold into slavery. First they stripped her bare naked in front of the kingdom for the world to see. Then her hair was shaven clean off of her head and she was beaten to unconsciousness. When she awoke her arms were tied and food and the occasional rock was thrown at her as she stood naked in the middle of town for three weeks. During this time her mind slowly descended into madness and she started to scream and shout, laughing when she was beaten and well just not there anymore. It was obvious she was broken beyond repair and far too weak for slave work. Instead she was stabbed through the chest and thrown in a ditch where her bones broke and she began to bleed out to death. It was obvious she was not ready to go as a rage built up inside of her like no other in her final moments....

Make Them Suffer

She was dead she knew that much but she didn't understand why she was still on earth. She knew she wouldn't go to heaven but at least she knew she had to go somewhere. It annoyed her to see others in her castle, in her home and it angered her far worst than any treatment she was given alive. Marisa ignored the chain that was stuck to her body and frequently noticed it becoming weaker allowing her to attack those she hated most provided they were in the castle. This increase the corrosion of the chain and within two months it was gone and she was...hungry. Killing every living soul in the kingdom she devoured them all. This mindless killing lasted until two people clad in black showed up and by this time Marisa didn't want humans anymore....No she lusted for something else and these two fit the description.. The two clad in black had swords and she heard the words Shinigami between them.. Then they attacked. It took all of her strength to defend herself and run from them. Not only was she being tracked down by them she was also being watched by another being.

The chase didn't last long well Marisa couldn't remember how long the chase lasted. She had been attacked and knocked out by someone else and had awoken for who knows how long in a place called Heuco Mundo. Her life had drastically changed as she fought tooth and claw to survive. Soon she was no longer her human self. She had transformed Into something large and quite deadly. It would seem that as time went on she only got more bored and less hungry. This les her to the espada where she became a numeros until she received a place in the Fraccion ranks.

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Marisa Santiago
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