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 Sato Ace ~DONE~

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PostSubject: Sato Ace ~DONE~   Sato Ace ~DONE~ Icon_minitimeMon Sep 23, 2013 10:17 am

Shinigami Template

Sato Ace

Get buried beneath my sand....

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Sato Ace
Shinigami Aliases: Prodigy kid , Blood Desert
Gender: Male
Age: 1007 (Appears 14)
Birth Date: February 28th
Rank Status: Lieutenant

Affiliated Division:Sanbantai


Sato stands at 133Cm(4'4) and weighs about 28kgs(62lbs) with short spiked green hair that usually gets Sato mocked from inside the human world. For his upper body, Sato wears the standard Shinigami outfit that hangs loosely off his body from the sleeves to the bottom somewhat appearing too big for his body. Around his neck hangs a red scarf that usually draw attention and usually getting Sato questioned on him being related to the kuchiki clan. Under the Shinigami outfit for his upper body Sato wears a normal white dress shirt that has sleeves just reaching past his shoulder length. He also wears a brownish belt with a metal skull emblem in the middle of the belt and a black dress jacket.

For Sato's lower body, Sato wears long blue pants. He is sometimes seen nothing but his white Tabi but other times he is seen wearing his normal brown shoes. Sato has the appearance of a child both in and out of the human world.

Personality: Sato is mostly mature and serious but at times can be shown to have a sense of humor. Sato can be easily annoyed by people drawing unwanted attention and also people losing focus and doing idiotic things that can put him or fellow team mates in danger. Sato hates when people call him a child or anything that has to do with him being compared to a child and is usually tempered by that. Sato hates winter and anything cold in general.

Sato is intelligent and when he sets a task he will usually doing anything to finish it quickly so he can get back to a afternoon nap or walk. He tends to sleep a lot in dreams of some day growing taller and becoming the same size as the other shinigami. Sato is usually joked around by from everybody but mostly his team mate shinigami and enemy's about  his size being close to a child which lead him to talking less and having a cold, no-mannered personality to others even his team mates. Sato has high respect though only shows it to the people he truly respects for their hard efforts on and off the battle field, part of this respect is he dislikes when people do not address him by lieutenant Sato even his captain and usually gets annoyed for the fact being that it was not easy earning the title of lieutenant.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 3
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 1

Once Upon A Time


Early Years:

Academy years - 3rd seat years

Lieutenant Years

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PostSubject: Re: Sato Ace ~DONE~   Sato Ace ~DONE~ Icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 5:25 am

I deem thy APPROVED.

Sato Ace ~DONE~ ____E_v_o_l_u_t_i_o_n_____by_God_Like_Phoenix
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Sato Ace ~DONE~
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