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 Iguana the Poodle

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Iguana the Kuchiki

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PostSubject: Iguana the Poodle   Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:14 am

Shinigami Template

Iguana H. Poodle "Moza Dogo Sataryu"

The very notion of your capacity to harm me is equivalent to that flaccid bulge on your pants you call a boner pleasing a woman. Irrelevant, like your mother that birthed you into this world, whom I banged as of last night. She screamed 'OH IGUANA! YES! OH YES!' Ad infinitum.

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Moza Dogo Sataryu, but after what happened in his life, he christened himself Iguana the Poodle, or just Iguany. Well... he is Moza Kuchiki anyways after he was adopted.
Shinigami Aliases: Iguana the Poodle.
Gender: Male, hence the phallus presiding within that fat bulge on his crotch area.
Age: 594 years old.
Birth Date: January 4th.
Rank Status: Captain.

Affiliated Division: 9th.


Note the lack of eye and mouth in the picture. That is not true with Iguana's total appearance, as he possesses all necessary anatomy that reflects that of a human being's ability to function. Iguana has rough tousled hair, note the feathery fur on his head denoted as "hair" unit, in which one grows from their scalp. It rests on his skull, quite messy but also puffy. His eyes are huge and sunken in, which makes his face look less flat than your typical Asian, as his eyes do not bulge out. His nose is horrendously huge, with such huge gaping nostrils, he can stuff things in there usually for a surprise attack. His mouth meanwhile is also quite wide, as his jaws are squared. Actually his eyes are also horrendously huge. Everything about Iguana is huge. He wears naught but what he was born with on his head, as he feels no reprieve from donning a mantle in which cloaks him so.

His facial expression saddled within a case of permanency when it comes to a frown, he never smiles as he tends to actually make really angry expressions with his face. It made his face quite well toned as a result because it takes 43 muscles to frown, and just 13 to smile. Which is why there are visible abs on his cheeks as his teeth are tough enough to chew through glass with little problem, until it shreds his mouth from within.

He is muscular, tends to wear his Captain's haori, and the Shinigami hakama and kimono, albeit tight fitted to involve the use of gauntlet and shinguards made in the olden style of the Japanese Samurai. Also wears a small cape that extends to his shoulders, and his upper back. To both those sides are emblazoned the Kuchiki house symbol, showing he is of nobility. Also wears black tabi socks for his sandals, and sandals with rubber soles, rougher than your usual material. His Captain's haori lacks sleeves. Has his sheathes on his right side as he is left handed. Note he has also freakishly large gorilla hands, in spite of the normal proportioned arms. But he is well exercised and has mass that seems to be missing from everyone in Soul Society, whom opt for anorexic thin with only toned build, whereas Iguana is athletic, well muscled in the departments of power, endurance and stamina. Stands 6' 3" feet tall.

Personality: The man known as Iguana is a mask upon masks, in which indulges within very strange enigmatic practices which often is considered like a Labyrinth. He is not someone whom is afraid to loom and invite death to all, but is by no means a maniacal insane maniac. For in his brain possesses a skull outside, or so on and so forth, to iterate indeed he is capable and very much so with higher brain function than his peers. But such potential early on in his life were squandered in perhaps the pursuit of brooding earlier on and generally writing poetry, which further displays empirical evidence as to suggest verily, he is of also poetic stock. It helps and supports such a notion he is creative and otherwise unorthodox in what one may refer to as a "Southpaw" if boxing terms can be borrowed.

Appreciating the finer points of vulgarity, obnoxiousness as well as crudeness, but likewise his proper upbringing makes him of noble stock as well, for as a Kuchiki in name, he also knows of refinement, wits, and thoughts reflected within Machiavellian notions. But does not share the common trait of Kuchiki in which they'd place pride before their lives, rather keeping a more level headed approach, if not by a marginal amount in the face of the obstinate Kuchiki majority. Nonetheless, he never lost his sensibilities and hasn't been born to nobility as much as brought up into it, within great controversy of the household as he was a commoner. Keeping an eye out for assassins as he learnt NOT to exactly let down his guard, that, and the fact he has incurred the wrath of another noble house for having deflowered a maiden meant to be handed in marriage to another noble house has not exactly endeared him, and made him quite a target to various parties vying for quick support. Learning early on to be peeled and perceptive regardless as a result of his unfortunate demeanor, in what would be sporadic and instant amounts of vice and hedonistic regard filling his every orifice within a whimsical prompt.

Delusions of grandeur developed within him as he found himself more whimsical and aloof than before, disassociated slightly from the realities of the world as from his visage, it is colored in but a world filled in opportunity despite his luck otherwise invited him to his position he owes to life, as well as other circumstances from out of his control. Advancement and opportunities that were produced, that he half met along the way, but the other half through vast fortune and well accounted for intellect if not vast potential, but sadly blocked by his otherwise cheerfully ruthless demeanor that he inherited from his life beforehand, which one cannot brow beat. But anyways, the standing within the Kuchiki family taught him the demeanor also of a 2nd Division considering one has to operate under scrutiny if they were of a very high profiled family, that to keep all less than savory actions kept far beneath the prying eyes of the public. He is not above otherwise reprehensible methods, as he desires something denied to him in poverty, something ranging from warmth, power, and understanding, to finally know what it is to be a person of worth, not to the people outside as being of nobility erased such notions, but to himself, as his aspirations soared above the skies, to drill the heavens metaphorically and become one embodied with wisdom from every holes that protrudes from his body.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)

Once Upon A Time

Born in a shithole backwater place in the ass end of olden Japan, where upon he wasn't granted a boon in life aside from the occasional sake to forget his woes, and the fact as a peasant, he was taught literacy by his well taught guardian before he passed away. Leaving Iguana to grow up without the guidance of a parental figure, thus growing up as an unwanted child within the village of Hancho. Where upon he was bullied by everyone, but because of his misfortunes and lack of parents, if not the fact he is an easy target, but because he was rude in a town of nice people that otherwise wished to accept him within, only to learn he was an insufferable little prick. But that was after they tried time after time again to teach him proper humility and respect, to which he thrown away, which they excused it as being a child, but as he grew to the age of 15, that was thrown out of the window as they realized how much misery he has inflicted upon them. Thus ousting him from town, as Iguana lost an easy source of food. Living nearby a river that flowed from the town as he took residence within an abandoned shed, where the tenant went insane from solitude, as he, like Iguana, was driven out of town some two decades ago, only to die by suicide. It was the first time Iguana saw death, and freaked the fuck out. Learning for the first time what it means to be a mortal, as he brooded over the fact in a Nietzschian complex in which all life is truly bleak. Brooding as he used the time he had within the shed to write poetry, and several Haiku as he was going through a phase. He has learnt a gift of brooding, as one can say from onward to the age of 15 to 21, Iguana grew to brood day from day, spending his days glum, and cynical of the world, hateful of all that is around him as he wished death upon all.

Stumbling upon villages as he learnt to sneak there to steal from the farmers, as they never noticed the few surplus of food taken from them missing, with Iguana learning to become sneakier and sneakier, prizing ruthless cunning to take his prize and subsist upon a diet of turnip, as well as other rodents that happened across his shed, if not the fish in the river. He also drank water from the river, growing the iron stomach to taste and digest the very stale water because it is also used for washing and sewage, as he learnt all there is about life out there, in that shed, as his world was quite small. One day though, he returned to his shed to find a beautiful maiden worthy of attention looking at his poetry with star lit eyes, realizing the magic that Iguana perfected in his desire to reflect his twisted, dark soul in his poetry. She has become infatuated with Iguana as he came back, desiring him not for his looks, but for his ability to write such magical words. Spending time with him in his company as he learnt she was actually the daughter of the Samurai whom owned the village, and her parents moved to the village to keep a stricter watch over the peasantry, and make them pay their taxes, which had a few paradoxes in place in some customs and guidelines, but they were constantly coming back and forth between the castle and the farm as the trip was naught but that of an hour's time. It was the late tithe as a recent and mysterious turnip shortage drew their attention to the village, given the tithe is far below quota. It was also around that time Iguana has gained some mass, as he lacked in some important vitamins which gave him serious deficiencies.

The two spent their time in bliss, as life was magical for that time, but he never got to engage within sexual foreplay, stopping so far as to a kiss that left him unsatisfied, but the girl, whose name is Mikoto, rather flushing crimson on her cheeks. All was well until one day, a lantern jawed, recent Samurai warrior actually moved into town, whom was perfect in every way that Iguana could not hope to compete with, given he was a man of renown, status, rich, and was far more handsome than Iguana could ever hope to be. Mikoto spent more time with the Samurai than him, as their time soon dwindled to non-existence, as he began to read his poems and brood once again, the sunlight of his life flew away.

That is till one day, sick and filled with righteous rage, he stripped of his clothing, naked and half-insane, ran into a mountain to train and live off the mountains like an animal, where he wished to become strong, and reap vengeance on the girl that actually played with his emotions, only to ditch him for that lantern jawed Samurai. He trained there, day by day, growing a beard that made him look like Gandalf, with hair so puffy and fuzzy, as he started resembling an animal considering the amount of hair that soon grew from him, as he stank horribly, and had a case of the rots. His finger nails cracked, his eyes often blood shot from sleep deprivation, and his form malnourished from subsisting on mushrooms, some toxic, others inert, and as well as on squirrels. But from there, he learnt how to actually use a blade in the form of a really pointy sticks, upon which he had many a close call with bears, as he tried to stab them, only to find out the sticks broke, and ran away. Becoming quicker, and faster, and stronger as he learnt to outrun bears faster and faster, building up his stamina as each time, came back from the precipice of exhaustion, till he has gained the ability to be indefatigable, relatively speaking. Finally forging himself out of wood, a perfect pointy stick in which to exact his wrath. Going into trances as he thought he had seen the spirits speak to him, despite it being naught but a hallucination, he was compelled to finally have his justly retribution. His first trial, was to destroy the woman who had ruined his life.

Filled with vengeance laden rage, armed with his titular spear, Iguana sneaked into the village at the dead of night, going into the family estate of the Samurai as he had quietly creeped into the room of Mikoto. He found the Samurai laying on a tatami mat next to Mikoto, as Iguana soon lost all senses, and began in unspeakable atrocity, stab Mikoto and the Samurai. Drenched and caked completely in blood as he parted with finally a pair of Hakama from the estate, feeling the lack of need anymore to be an animal-like feral human, and to just be civilized once more. Vengeance was to be had, as he had decided to return to his shed, and continue his life in his typical status quo. Unknown to him however, Iguana's bloodied visage was seen by a horrified peasant child whom was taking a midnight leak outside his house.

He returned, filled with pride, that he had found a paper out of place in his shed, as he knew where every poetry laid, in spite of the fact he was away for months training up in the mountains to become an instrument of vengeance. He read the note, that his colors from his face drained to learn that her brother was the Samurai visiting, that she apologized for not spending time with Iguana, and that she looked for Iguana afterwards when she had time, but couldn't find him anymore, so she hoped that he could find her. He found her alright, but suddenly everything made sense. The two weren't spending time sexually, it was all PLATONICALLY. Feeling grief, Iguana decided to put on his clothes and write more poetry, a death Haiku in dedication to Mikoto.

That however was short lived, as he went outside to wash his pointy stick caked in blood, which at this point was rotted, as from beyond the horizon of the early sun, he spotted several horsemen, Ashigaru spearmen, and a Samurai leading the charge with eyes that were once similar to his own. Iguana was however not deterred, as he bravely ran back into his house with his stick. Barricading the area as from outside, stormed in several people yearning to spill Iguana's blood. Iguana however was prepared, as he had stabbed many foes in the face with his stick, killing some, and causing considerable pain to others as he had caused many casualties. The battle raged on for five minutes before Iguana's stick broke, and the wood behind him broke when he leaned on it. Iguana fell back, and broke his neck, dead. His corpse taking up as many soldiers howled with sad anger, flinging his corpse unceremoniously to float downstream the river...

Luckily for Iguana whom was a spirit chained down to Earth, he was found by a Kuchiki, whom without realizing the context of Iguana's tale and why he was pursued, purified him and sought to adopt him for the bravery Iguana he had displayed against the myriad of men. Iguana went to Soul Society where he had found his higher calling when he was adopted finally, for his exemplary characteristics, groomed, shaved, and brought up first as a retainer of the Kuchiki family. Eventually adopted, which was a controversial move in itself by the late Kuchiki himself, as he had served with diligence and eventually even joining the Gotei 13. By that point, he needn't much training for he was already trained in the arts, and had a vast potential, with a Zanpakuto already manifested. Having raised in the ranks through a meteoric speed rarely seen till he achieved Captaincy, after challenging the 9th Division Captain to a fight to the death, and brutally murdering her. It achieved scorn from everyone, as well as his own family, as he became distanced, but he kept an apologetic stance, and tried to smooth out the broken relationship over the years, to disparate results.

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Iguana the Poodle
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