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 Meeting Between Powers [Loli-chan]

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Jū Hime
Jū Hime

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PostSubject: Meeting Between Powers [Loli-chan]   Sun Sep 29, 2013 3:55 am

Amongst the sandy dunes that littered Hueco Mundo, stood a small figure. It was a child with crimson eyes that stared menacingly at the white sands below her feet. The bangs that shadowed her eyes only made her appear much more sinister than she actually was. Or at least what she thought. But everyone had their own opinion, Jū Hime knew that well. So being concerned about how she appeared at the moment wasn't on her mind.

No, she was too busy thinking about the Arrancar that she would be meeting on this fateful day. She didn't know the exact date, Jū Hime noted to figure out the date later, but it was bound to be a very interesting day nonetheless. It wasn't everyday that Jū Hime decided to greet, or meet, her brethren. She believed that the Arrancar that she would meet would be the fourth Hollow that Jū Hime had ever socialized with, if memory served right.

A sigh escaped her lips as she decided to sit down. It should be a while before the Arrancar would arrive, thus there was no need to stand. And with that reasoning in mind, Jū Hime sat down on the sandy ground. And there she waited for the Arrancar, the one she would become friend with and the one who would serve her, Jū Hime the Primera Espada.

(Hope this is good enough for you Chi-chan, I was never good at starting threads but I've done my best.)
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Meeting Between Powers [Loli-chan]
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