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 A Soul Reapers job.

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PostSubject: A Soul Reapers job.   Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:58 am

Organization: Goeti 13
\_Code Name: Heavens Charm

Class: 3
\_Classification: Public

Mission Briefing:
The basic job of a shinigami, Go to the human world and save souls. Guide them to Soul Society before they perish into darkness
\_Mission Objective:

send 5 souls to SC

Reward: 50SC




The day had just begun and Sato had received no work from his captain or anybody else so he thought he would do one of the local jobs that any Soul Reaper could do just to waste time and earn a little reward but even though it lacked in value, a reward is a reward and rewards was what Sato liked. Sato had prepared his normal mission attire as well as his normal weapons and items with his Zanpakuto on his back and with out wasting any more time he had made his way into the real world heading for Kakura Town.

"Ah im finally here.. it didn't take me that long? it was right timing because i want to go get some food, wait... speaking of right timing, look what the cat dragged in?" Sato said with a gaze down at the train station seeing a person sitting on the train tracks. Huh what is that person doing? are they trying to get themselves killed or something? Sato thought as he finally landed on the ground walking to the edge of the path that people waited on for their train. "Hey kid? get off there before you get yourself killed! quick a train is coming." Sato said looking at the train as the kid got up but just as it looked as if the kid was about to walk away from the train tracks he stood there with his arms wide open. "Hey move!!!" Sato yelled as the kid turned his head to face Sato smiling as the train just ran right through the kid. "Oh your a soul huh? well come here." Sato said with a smile as the soul walked over to him without knowing what was happening. "Parish to the Soul Society.. you will love it there trust me." Sato said placing the end of his handle onto the forehead of the kid as the kid soon vanished into thin air.

Soon after that he found another soul at a local park, another on top of the train station roof and another watching little kids play soccer. He had now collected 4/5 souls and just needed one more soul to complete the mission. Just as Sato was walking around he had found another soul wondering the streets so he went and sent that over to the soul society. His mission was now completed but the thing was.. he had completed it too fast and was way ahead of the time he had thought it would of taken. He still had half a day left so he went and looked for 5 more souls to send over to the Soul Society.

Sato walked around for about 3 hours only finding 4 souls but needed one more to complete the mission once again and with luck he had found his last soul sitting on a swing at a local park. The soul was just sitting there swinging when another soul had walked over towards it. "Huh...." Sato said under his breath as the soul sitting on the swing soon transformed into a hollow. "Muahahaha your mine now you tiny soul! you wont even be able to tickle my stomach but still food is food hahah!" The hollow yelled as Sato swiftly pulled out his Zanpakuto and shoot in front of the soul that was just about to get eaten. "You low hollow. You will die for your trickery acts!" Sato said as he jumped up at the hollow with a fast speed clearly not able to been seen by normal hollows or soul reapers. "DIE!" Sato yelled slashing his sword die but before he could touch the hollow, the hollow had jumped backwards dodging the attack. "Foolish Soul Reaper.. a mere low Soul Reaper like you can't kill me!" The hollow yelled as he shoot his tongue out at Sato which caused him to fly into a nearby tree with an extreme force. How could he keep up with my speed.... Sato thought as he had blood running from his head down the right side of his face.

"Rise from slumber and bury them Chi sabaku" Sato said as he put his Zanpakuto in front of him touching the blade as his blade suddenly changed color and his spiritual pressure had increased a lot. As the Hollow slowly walked over to the lost soul, the ground under the hollow started to shake as if an earthquake was erupting. "What on earth is this?" The hollow said as he jumped back away from the lost soul. "You will now be slayed by Chi Sabaku you filthy scum bag." Sato said as Iron sand had rose from the ground where the Hollow was previously standing. The sand had also rose from all around Sato as some of the sand covered Sato in a dome like shape for protection while he focused his eyes on the hollow. The sand soon transformed into a sharp spear as it then shoot at the hollow with the command of Sato's eyes stabbing the hollow right in the stomach but it was not over there, the spear soon lifted out of the hollow changing into a sword and slicing right down the middle of the hollow completely killing it. "Damn you soul reaper...." Was the final words said from the hollows mouth as Sato put his Zanpakuto away letting all the sand just fall to the ground. "Rest now lost spirit." Sato said placing his handle on the souls forehead as it soon vanished. "My mission here is completed, time to go home." He said as he soon made his way back to the Soul Society with blood running down the right side of his head, the mission was now complete.

Exit ~

Mission Completed.

Word Count needed: N/A
Word Count: 956

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A Soul Reapers job.
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