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 The General Rules

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The General Rules Empty
PostSubject: The General Rules   The General Rules Icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2012 7:16 am

General Rules


1. Your account name is to be the name of your approved character and or its alias. So if you were accepted with the name of let’s say "Naru Matusa" your profile name has to strictly be Naru Matusa or Naru, but with the exception of Alias's. So, if your alias is "Slug" , but your character name is Naru Matusa, you are allowed to have the profile name of Slug.

Common Rules:

1. This Forum is Rated - R. There are allowed to be scenes of violence, sex, blood, and gore. We accept members of all age group so don't be offended by what is seen due to your age group. This is your only warning.
2. Elite Members are members who hold high-status and or a high position in their groups. Even if being a rogue an Elite Member must post at least once per two weeks to ensure that they don't lose their position and character. This also goes for Semi-Elites. Non-Elites must post once every three weeks.
3. Staff Moderator actions can be argued with by Administrator's if their actions are immoral, bias, favortismistic, and or wrong. Administrator's hold superior judgment when it comes to their ordeals.
4. It is prohibited to post up insulting posts or flame Members and Staff of the site. To do so could lead to a ban. Respect is something you must follow.
5. You are to not post several times at once. We'd understand if you were in a topic and wished to leave shortly after, but don't spam a topic with useless information and actions to gain Post Numbers and or Soul Currency. These posts, under Staff judgment, will be considered useless, and deleted.
6. Your Avatar is to represent the character you are playing. Giving us insight on how he/she looks like.
7. The lucky seven, also known as the rule of rules. The staff reserves the right to interfere in any order of business that is seen as unfair or as a threat to the order of the forums. This means that the staff can step in on any situation and take disciplinary measures if they so deem fit, even if the rules have yet to say anything about the situation. This includes loop holing and abusing the other rules, for example. We hope to use this rule scarcely, and the staff will be in tight regulation in regards of using their rights as to avoid abuse on our side. Simply put, just try avoiding stupid things.
8. Do not, under any circumstances, steal any applications made by others. Stealing is something we do not tolerate. If caught for doing this, strict punishment will be served immediately. Similarities are sometimes unavoidable and this we understand. Also, do not copy characters directly from anime or other popular media. This means stealing the entire identity of a pre-existing character, meaning name, personality, appearance, maybe parts of his history. You can use any appearance you wish to though, so long as you do not copy an entire character. The only exceptions to this are appearances that appear in Bleach canon. They will be denied without exception. This is not a canon RP site.
9. There will be no transferring of Soul Currency from one account to another.
10. You are only allowed one character. There are to be no alternative characters and you are only allowed ONE Main. It is possible to buy a maximum of one Alternate account/character now though. Buying it will cost 250 SC. You are only allowed to start as one Upper Tier character. If you already have one, you have to start at a lower rank. If you don't have an Upper Tier character when buying an alternate account, you can register it as Upper Tier.
11. Despite the forum being rated R, the staff of the site will not tolerate abuse of the freedom we are giving you. Forgetting plot for the sake of carnal pleasures and writing smut is not something we desire. As such, we will keep our eyes on the threads, and take action if we notice too much graphic content popping up on the forum. Also, posting links to graphic content is forbidden. We especially do not enjoy Hot Sauce, which has become sadly common in the modern day. If it was an agreed plot by all the participating parties then it might check out. But we suggest you keep the content low.

Game Rules:

1. The accepted personality of your character is to be role-played thoroughly In Character. For example, if your character is sadistic. He can't run around happy go lucky and not harming others for personal enjoyment. If your character has sex-interests, you can't deny small details in checking out females. Another example could be if your character is passionate and quiet. You can't have him/her go around acting a fool and being loud and obnoxious. Character Personalities are to change in character via Character Development.
2. When role-playing in a dangerous topic where lives are to be at risk, it is not permitted to do death strikes without proper detailing. You can't go "I stab you in the head and you died" and expect to get away with it. Nor can somebody else seemingly just "Dodge" an attack with a sentence. Such pathetic actions of role-playing will be voided and deleted. Please, be smart, and be detailed.
3.Describing another character's actions without his/her permission is known as "Power playing" and is a strict example of godmod. You can't simply divert a character's post and make them do something other than what they stated. To do so will be void and you will be prosecuted with whatever Staff sees fit and odds are, if you haven't consistently done so, you'll be forced to edit. The only exception is Rule 4. This is right below.
4. If a member wasn't on the forum for 2 days, it's allowed to describe his/hers character's minor actions aka traveling with a group of characters he/she is with, also you’re allowed to control his actions in battle if he/she isn't available. Meaning, when two days expire for your opponent to post his response to your attack, you can connect your attack on your opponent.
5. Don't create superheroes, it's going to be boring to play (Everyone can do it so why?).
6. You cannot do 100 actions at the same time in one post.
7. Play logically - If your character can't make another one of him/her, he/she cannot be in two places at the same time, in other words, no posting in multiple topics.
8. Be patient. Not everyone can sit on the computer all day - wait for other characters to reply.
9. If you're going to be absent more than 2 days, you should write it in the Absence topic or report to administration, and preferably act out your character's disappearance.
10. Canon dimensional transportation techniques (Senkaimon, Garganta, etc.) cannot be used to escape a combat topic, and may not be used in any combat topic.
11. If you are in an IC topic and get approved for an ability/power/rank/technique, it cannot be used or applied in that topic unless of course you gain it through rp in that topic.  Do understand that if you were training in that topic in which you gained an ability/power/technique, you will be exhausted to a reasonable extent.
12. Characters found and ruled inactive cannot be re-registered/re-activated for continued play as that Character.  You will simply have to design a completely new character. If your previous inactive character was an Upper Tier, you cannot register your new character as such.
13. Due to the natural order of the Plot and Site, Bounto's , Arrancar, Vizard, and Soul Reapers cannot be older than 2,000 years and if you're going for a certain position please be logical about the age. Human characters such as the Quincy cannot surpass the age of 120.

High-tier characters must be above the age of 210 if Arrancar, Vizard, Shinigami, or Bount. If Human or Quincy you may start as low as fifteen. If your character application does not meet up with this rule and you have yet to role-play with them officially, you are obligated to post a Character Update stating the age change, which will then be applied to your application.

Post Rules:

1. Your messages must be at least 250 words or more in RP. One liner posts will not be tolerated. Also, Elites need to post at least once per two weeks, otherwise they will be kicked out of their Rank. Everyone has to follow this rule regardless of rank. This rule is not in effect in The Sanctuary or Cordial Dueling. The Memories of Souls still follows this rule. Posting below the word count is punishable.

2. You can only write in third person's side of view, without using the asterisks(**).
3. Your message should contain actions, thoughts and speech of your character
Your character's thoughts are to be written in italics.
"Speech and dialogs are to be written in bold and encased in quotation marks.
4. You must always write where you came from and to what topic you're going to go.
5. Failure to keep up with the post word count minimum will allow the staff to edit your posts to fit the minimum. Do not feel bad if your character is found kissing a guy, and is a guy due to your own lack of following the rules.
6. Please, only make productive posts. All posts should do something to add content to the discussion. We hope not to have to go this far, but any one word posts that add no content will be deleted, followed by a warning. The same will go for longer posts in rare cases where the staff deems them to be entirely useless. Game topics and such are accepted to pass the time and have fun, make no mistake. But we do not want to see "lulz", "agreed" and as such popping up in the forum discussions.
7. When making Private Topics please remember that you can't make a topic private out of your Character's respected area. I.E. An Arrancar or Hollow can only make IC PRIVATE Topics within Hueco Mundo. A Shinigami can only make IC Private Topics in the Soul Society. Vizards, Humans, and Quincy, of the like, can only make them within the Human Realms, et cetera. If you are a Human trying to make a Private Topic in let’s say Hueco Mundo, it would go unnoticed. So don't go around claiming a topic's private when it's not even within your respected Race's area.


Suicide and all suicide loopholes will get you severely punished. Punishments can range from -

  • All points of currency will be taken away.
  • If you commit suicide your character must start out as the lowest rank possible. I.E. If you wish to be a Soul Reaper you must take the lowest seat possible. If you wish to become an Arrancar you must be the lowest Numero. Such as 99.
  • Character disappearances have become a fad when it comes to loop holing the suicide system. People constantly say “He/She disappeared, but that doesn’t mean they’re dead.” This will be considered suicide and expect your punishment to be MORE severe based on what you did. You will follow punishments listed above regardless.

Exiting A Topic Rules:

There is always a point in time in a role player’s career that he/she wishes to exit a topic. Based on personal preference and so forth. However, jumping from one topic to another might not be as easy as they believe it to be. Numerous concepts take place in this and these rules must be followed. Examples of such can be the concept that you can easily be interrupted  by another role player during your departure. We have provided rulings to which all members and staff must follow when exiting a topic.

Someone can obviously prevent somebody else’s exit within a topic. To do so, they must make sure that they are presentable to the person leaving. They can do so by easily blocking off their path of exit. Please know that by not detailing the formality of your exit this can easily be abused. Not abused in the sense that it’s illegal, but abused in the sense that anybody can add the detail themselves and stop you in your tracks. So, to make sure no unfair interruptions are displayed, please detail your exit. We have no power if someone interrupts you due to you messing up. You can also cause them to stay by performing actions that can result in even attacking. However, if they leave a topic with the final >>exit<< within 24 hours’ time their exit is valid and cannot be interrupted. However, if the user that exited has not posted in another topic by this time or later you may interrupt their exit regardless. Please make sure that your exit interruption / overall exit is logical. You can’t seemingly puff out of thin air or make somebody stay because you said so.

Role-players cannot leave a topic if that same post could be used to call a hit. I.E. You cannot exit a topic and at the same time provide battle actions. Your exit will be deemed invalid. So if you’re going to exit a topic make sure you don’t pull anything tricky at the same time.

Traveling Between Realms:

In the world of Bleach, multiple realms exist. The different races have also demonstrated the ability to move between these realms using various methods. Mainly the Shinigami and the Arrancar. The method which the Shinigami use is called using the Senkaimon gate, and the method which the Arrancar use is called opening a Garganta. These methods can be used while not in a battle to move between the realms, but there are some restrictions to their use. Note that other races too can learn how to exploit realm transport, but have no methods of doing so yet.

The Shinigami Method

First off, if a Shinigami wants to exit Seireitei and go visit parts of the Rukongai, he has to exit Seireitei through one of the four gates. These gates are all protected by a guardian, but the guardians are all friendly towards Shinigami. They can tell the race of a person by reading their reiatsu. The members of some Divisions can leave through these gates without permission, in regards of their Division duties. But others usually need written permissions, unless they are of a high rank. All of this can be RP'd out in a post.

If a Shinigami wants to travel to another realm, namely the Material World, they have to use Senkaimon Arrival/Departure Gate. Here, the personnel manning the gates will open a Senkaimon for them to use. At this time, the Shinigami will be given a hell butterfly or two. Traveling to the Material World through Senkaimon takes place through the Dangai Realm. With the help of a hell butterfly, a Shinigami can travel through Dangai in one post without any difficulty. This post needs to be at least 250 words long. If a Shinigami tries going through Dangai without the help of a butterfly, he has to run away from Kōtotsu and needs to post two posts if he is a Captain, three if he is of a lower rank. These posts will all be at least 250 words long. This is why it is wise to always keep a hell butterfly around. They can be kept in hibernation while in the Material World, so if you have one, losing it will be difficult. Also, if you somehow contact the Gate beforehand, they can send a new butterfly to guide you while opening the Senkaimon. As of yet, the Shinigami have no method of traveling to Hueco Mundo.

The Arrancar Method

The Arrancar exploit a special technique known as a Garganta. It is a way of quite literally tearing a hole through dimensional fabric for a limited time. Some stronger Hollows and almost every Arrancar are capable of doing this. Traveling with the help of Garganta takes place in a place simply known as the Dark Void. It is a place of darkness resting between the corners of the three realms. It is possible to get lost there too, if the person using the Garganta doesn't know what he is doing. But generally, it takes one post that is at least 250 words long for an Arrancar to make his way to the Material World. Some Arrancar even have the skill required to reach Soul Society. Reaching Soul Society from Hueco Mundo takes two posts and the required amount of words, reaching it from the Material World takes just one post. The Arrancar will always end up at the outskirts of Rukongai though. The barrier protecting Seireitei also offers protection against intruders from other realms. This is what makes infiltrating the place very difficult, because the strong gate guardians can tell a person who smells like a Hollow even if he is wearing a disguise.

War Time Rule.

Whenever war has been declared on a particular realm or area, all private topics are hereby no longer impervious to intrusion. This means, others may invade these topics, and it is then left up to the host(s) of these topics to respond appropriately. Failure to respond could result in some harsh repercussions based on the actions of the intruder. An intruder on this site carries a broad meaning. Area of Effect attacks and mass attacks, may be classed as an intruder in some cases. In cases where one realm/race has declared war against another, private topics in both realms will be affected. However, one cannot invade private topics in a realm that war has not been declared in.

While playing on this forum, you automatically agree to read these rules and not to break them, respect the administration and other members.


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The General Rules
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