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 Garu Nariko

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Garu Nariko
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PostSubject: Garu Nariko   Tue Aug 27, 2013 12:05 pm

Vizard Template

Garu Nariko

---The body achieves what the mind believes.--

Vizard Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Daichi --
Shinigami/Vizard Aliases: Garu Nariko
Gender: Male
Age: 603(Appears 20)
Birth Date: October 9th
Rank Status: Captain

Former Affiliated Division: Second Division


The most notable trait when first meeting Garu Nariko would most likely be his skin complexion. His skin resembles Mocha like color. Standing at 6'0" he is not extremely tall. With his height, the male only weights 170 lbs having majority of his weight muscle mass rather then body fat. However, this is no shocker, since it is expected for someone who was once high up in the Gotei 13 to have such a refined body. The next most noticeable trait about the male would be his white hair. His hair is what some would call unnatural due to the color. Usually most people are black, blonde, orange, or brunette. Garu was blessed with having blonde hair, which he considers a sign that he is unlike everyone else. When looking at Garu you can often see a dull unimpressed face. His eyes are hazel and tend to seem blank. Garu's eyebrows are always perfectly even and skinny rather then bushy. In addition to that Garu is rarely seen with facial hair since he shaves practically everyday. Lastly, Garu's skin is always well moisturized. Usually when walking and sitting he slouches slightly.


Garu's white hair is not the only strange thing about him. Some people say that his clothing is not the hippest or coolest, however he chooses to ignore them, having his own sense of style. Garu has many outfits, but this is the most seen one. Usually a yellow Dress shirt tucked in or untucked is what he wears. The shirt is always well pressed, and not a single wrinkle can be seen on it unless Garu has gone through physical activities that wrinkle it. Every button on the shirt is button except for the top one. With that yellow shirt, he tends to clash the colors placing a royal blue tie around his neck. The tie is often loosely fitted around the collar, keeping his throat and unbuttoned top button clearly visible. Over that he wears a Blue hoodie. The sleeves are often rolled up once. THe glove he tends to wear is different. It had a red ring at the wrist, then a royal blue actual glove. The glove covers up most of the hand, except for the fingers. Lastly green cargo pants are worn. A beige belt hangs loosely around his waist. The pants reach up to the shoes, past the ankle. His shoes are royal blue with grey rubber soles at the bottom. This fashion may not attract the women, but it is what he feels most comfortable to wear in battle.


Regularly Garu is usually a calm relaxed individual. Now hes not one of those boring strict people who do not enjoy to have fun, what best describes him is he is lazy. He has worked hard most of his life, and now that he has less responsibilities after leaving the Gotei 13 he feels like he can have more time to simply relax. Usually when you rush him that is actually when he tends to walk slowly. He walks to nearly everything unless it is an emergency or he must escape. This attitude is sometimes found as negligence, however he believes that patience is a virtue and that the things that you wait for will always be there. This attitude is sort of what he lives by. Another thing about Garu is he is quite judgmental. He may be quiet when your taking to him, but silently he is observing someone and formulating many opinions on them. If the person gets to the point of irritation, he may just let his thoughts out no matter how harsh they may be. This edge of Garu is one of his many layers that seem to come out under the right circumstances. Though this may seem a bit low, Garu judges a book by his cover as a safety measurement. If some male seems a bit strange, Garu will make sure to be ready for combat. This type of Garu is more of him being safe then anything.

While Fighting:
While fighting, Garu had to do many things in the past. This makes him quite ruthless, when it comes to fighting. Two things that describe Garu best when fighting are calculating and cunning. When fighting he enjoys to think of the worse case scenario and look for any indication his opponent may give off. To himself he believes he is only a "Decent" fighter. This is simply because he believes in fighting there is always room for improvement. This mindset makes him always never take a win for granted and continue to refine his powers. He believes that only when he becomes the strongest visored out there that he can maybe settle down from training. However, even if that were to occur his training would be far from over. Garu believes that if he does not continue to train or harness his powers every now and then someone will take his position from him. This feeling is one of the fears Garu contains. This fear is what drives him forward. It works both ways and can be considered a motivation. However, this is like a dominos effect because once someone has their eyes set on Garu's he already has his eyes set on the thing in front of him. Due to Garu's fighting experience he knows a lot of the trick in the book. If ever fighting an opponent once defeating the opponent he may attempt to kill or torture the opponent knowing that the opponent can always catch him off guard he never underestimates them. However, if there is someone Garu is fighting that is obviously far lower then him fighting wise he may lighten up slightly but still give his opponent respect by putting some effort in.

During Missions and Instructions:
People will never understand some things about Garu. For starters, when he is given a mission he is often referred to as "insubordinate". This is because Garu enjoys having some fun with the missions and slightly switching around what happens. He promises to get the mission done, however he may do the mission on what he feels is right. This unorthodox method usually tends to piss of his superiors, but none of them ever get mad because if Garu pulls a stunt like this he makes sure to get it done, even if it cost his life or his men's. This mindset is what he firmly believes in. Garu understands that sacrifice is an essential part of life and success. Whether its time, or people, Garu is always, ready to give anything to complete the mission that he has taken on. However, since leaving the Gotei 13 Garu has become a hypocrite of this saying. Since he no longer has missions that are essential to help for the majority he could care less if a mission gets done or not. This relaxed Garu is a different one that has a lot of twist and turns. A man who firmly believes in doing things that are promised to the best of his capabilities, but also willing to slack on these things. Maybe its the thought that he will get the mission done makes him feel like a better person, but if hes laying on the floor beaten to a pulp that thought may disappear quickly.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3

  • --Mask
  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time

The date was October 9 when Daichi Inshida was born. The weather that day was cloudy and extremely stormy. Daichi was born in a small tribe with very few children. One of the few children in years, his family was a nomad. Where he lived was a place where many people looked the same. His hair was different compared to most of the people in his tribe. His hair was blonde unlike many males hair's that were black. As a baby, the tribe enjoyed the presence of Daichi. The thing about the tribe was that many people had not decided to reproduce. Some families viewed babies as a sin, others as a blessing. Everyone had their own opinion, but also had a mutual respect for each other. Being one of the few children and youngest Daichi had a lot to do. From as early as he could remember he had to be able to hold his own wait. During his early years, he spent much of his time playing with the mothers as they knitted, and gathered fruits. However around the age of five was when his father decided to take him a long in journeys. The journeys were not long at all, they were mostly he following his dad and being silent as they hunted for food. After a day of watching his fathers hard work Daichi was horrified, because for the first time he saw a animal killed. Usually he had always seen the meat there under his fire. He never questioned where it came from or anything a long those lines. His father allowed a child so young to witness such a horrifying sight. As the animal fell to the ground Daichi has pee'd himself and even were laughed at by the upper members of the tribe. This embarrassment also led to further punishment on the boy. However, how was he supposed to know? He had never really thought or seen killing in his life. This was a big twist, because it would pave the path to Daichi's future life as a hunter.

By the age of 10 Daichi had become his dad's assistant in all of the hunts. He followed his father everywhere. The tribe had gained more children. Originally, the idea of a child was not very popular but as the men got older, they saw how useful Daichi was to his father. At this age, he was helping his dad and mom with practically and anything they wanted. As a child, he thought that his responsibilities should be exactly like what he was doing now, and knew that without a doubt if he kept this up he may one day look to be the leader of the tribe. The next few years were normal hunting, until one hunt went horribly wrong. He went out with his father and a few other men chasing a wild creature that seemed to resemble a ram. Then out of nowhere, men appeared. These men were different however. There skin tone was different then Daichi's. He looked at them; they also seemed far advanced and better at hunting. Daichi was frightened; he had a tomahawk and saw the men had some strange things that they held closely. Daichi's dad went over to talk to the foreign man since he was leading the hunt that day. Daichi awaited, before soon he found his father coughing, then dropping to the ground. What happened next was unexpected. Daichi got up and ran full sprint toward the man with his tomahawk only to be shot down immediately. The teen fell to the ground. He wondered if the sun god and tree god would save him from this horror. His beliefs in the earth were the most divine place sticked with him as his moments of death. He also thought that every person who died became a tree, however this theory was quickly proven incorrectly.

What seemed to be an eternity had finally passed as the white light that had blinded Daichi in his moments of death disappeared. Where he was now was unknown to many men, it was something called the soul society. Impressed by it all Daichi observed this advance culture speaking his foreign tongue with many people until he came a long one man who understood him. The man explained to Daichi to go to the academy,and he was bound to find a good explanation, and so he did. Upon arrival, they got a translator and he told the story to the translator. For starters, the translator decided to change his name finding Daichi was a thing of the past. Giving him the new name Garu, Nariko. The man told Garu he could change his name whenever he pleased if he did not enjoy it. Garu took this name with pleasure. Finally he asked the man where too, and the man gave him numerous of places to go but Garu was a hunter, he always was and could not see himself do anything else. He asked the man about hunting and the man gladly accepted, telling him the Gotei 13 was the hunting he would need. The man described of beat named hollow, and this made Garu Nariko happy knowing that his ambitions to become a tribe leader was still possible. Little did he know it that this tribe was out of his league. He went to the academy and his first day of school he got pulverized. He thought he was a hot shot because he had done hunting most of his life, but the men there were trained well, and it only lead to his first F, but surely not his last. Eventually Garu caught onto the language quickly and became somewhat fluent in it, slowly leaving his heavy accent behind.

After a while, he was accepted into the second division due to his hunting experience. This division was a special ops, and worked in a similar manner to how he uses to work. It was similar in that all men worked under one hot shot or boss for special operations. Garu got his Zanpakuto soon enough, and progressed his way up to lieutenant. After that, he would use his Zanpakuto often, and meditate with it. When having it in his hand he felt something inside of it, and recognized that this may be the god that had brought him to such a place. Within a years of vigorous training Garu obtained his Shikai. After countless missions, and fights against the combat or what he viewed as the tribe leader he obtained a bankai. However, this technique he had made him a lieutenant to be reckoned with the gap between the captain and him was still too far off. About a few years into the big league as a lieutenant, he learned more about morales and combat. He enjoyed fighting for people. It gave him a purpose. Food was no longer a problem; at this point one might even say Garu fought for the fun of the hunt. Well the hunter soon became the hunted. After a mission, which they nearly escaped alive, the 2nd division unit with the captain, Garu, and several other officers encountered a number of hollows. One might even call it an ambush. In the end. Multiple hollows slashed Garu, however the captain had slain all hollows for his men. THe only price that came wit this was of course, his life. After that, happened Garu was moved up in the division becoming the captain of the second division. He quickly learned tactics and became a brilliant strategist in combat.

He made a name for himself as the second division captain, however the name would quickly deteriorate after the incident that occurred. During a mission that was, supposed to take a long amount of time, Garu felt as if his body was no longer his. He began to gain aches, and cramps. He felt some stuff coming out of his arm, and soon blacked out. He woke up to shattered hollow skin all around him. He looked around only to see all of his men slaughtered and the opposing enemies slaughtered. Why had he lived? Well he quickly escaped knowing the scene did not look good. He was heading back to the soul society, taking an extended route just incase the enemy was still out there. As he arrived to a local store to get some food and some new clothes, he saw a broadcast. The broadcast had his face wanted on it. More importantly, it showed his freak accident of becoming a hollow. Quickly he got new clothes, and covered his face with a hood. He wanted answers, and therefore left the Soul Society understanding it was no longer a safe place. He learned to harness his power over time; he trained himself in the arctic and deserted places so no one would ever have to deal with that much destruction again. However, one thing was for sure, with this new found power he would use it for what he found morally accepted. How it got there? We will he figured it had something to do with the mass amount of hollows that had attacked him as a lieutenant. He has gained some knowledge of this transformation known as "hollification" yet he is still in the grey about some of it.

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Garu Nariko
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