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 [EVENT] Lightning Site 2

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[EVENT] Lightning Site 2 Empty
PostSubject: [EVENT] Lightning Site 2   [EVENT] Lightning Site 2 Icon_minitimeWed Oct 16, 2013 2:31 am

A lightning bolt had pierced the cieling an in the most remote room did this bolt land. The room was instantly fried. The very walls smudged black with its intensity. Nothing remained save for a bloodied corpse of a servant Arrancar. His body stripped of his pround skeleton. Blood trailed outwards from the room disappearing half way. Someone smart enough would be able to deduce something simple. The lightning strike fired everything in the room. Yet a body lay untouched by its powers. Hence the cull of the weak hollow had happened afterwards by those who had come to investigate the lightning bolt. It could have been two hollows that had ended a quarell with blood. This was a high possibility giving the sitaution was beasts and hunger. The lightning however was still something to worry about.
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[EVENT] Lightning Site 2
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