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 Onigumo [Inazuna Takashi]

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Inazuna Takashi

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PostSubject: Onigumo [Inazuna Takashi]   Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:01 am

Sealed Description

The sealed Zanpakuto takes the form of a short sword with a curved blade that is a foot and a half long. The weapon - a wakizashi - possesses a hilt that is wrapped in a purple cloth for a better grip. The guard is an orthodox, circular shape common to swords. Beyond the purple hilt-wrapping the Zanpakuto lacks any noteworthy features. The weapon is usually kept in a black, metallic scabbard and often sits neatly in Takashi's sash.

Release Phrase: "Kirisaku, Onigumo" ("Tear to pieces, Demon Spider")
Manifestation: Onigumo takes the form of a human being with dark hair and dark eyes with a tall, skinny body clad in black. His hair is incredibly long and, befitting his name, he possesses two extra pairs of arms, giving him a total of eight limbs. He is a solitary figure, preferring to rest alone in the shadows of a dark forest filled with spider webs. He speaks in a formal, archaic manner but he says things in a very blunt, matter-of-fact way. He does not withhold his criticisms, but he does not needlessly insult. Indeed, he seeks to guide his master as a sort of mentor figure and feels he must be cruel to be kind. Takashi and Onigumo both see their line of work as bloody and merciless, but a necessity.

Class-Type: Melee-Type Zanpakuto.
Family-Type: None.
Sub-Type" None.

Shikai Description: When released, Onigumo takes the form of a black gauntlet around Takashi's right arm. Each finger ends in a sharp point, giving it a claw-like appearance. Several metallic plates on the back of the hand and the forearm protect Takashi's arm. The weapon lacks any distinguishing design features save for four small grooves in the back of the hand.
Shikai Special Ability:

  • Onigumo's Shikai form is designed to feature several small grooves in the back of the hand. These grooves are in fact openings from which four wire strings can be shot. These wire strings can then be used for combat purposes, serving a variety of roles such as ensnaring the opponent or acting as a sort of grappling hook. Though the wires are durable, they are not capable of doing any real harm to an opponent directly beyond a shallow cut.

Kidou Techniques:

  • Hadou #11: Tsuzuri Raiden - ’ Way of Destruction #11: Bound Lightning ‘
  • Hadou #54: Haien - ’ Way of Destruction #54: Abolishing Flames ‘
  • Bakudou #4: Hainawa - ’ Way of Binding #4: Crawling Rope ‘
  • Bakudou #21: Sekienton - ’ Way of Binding #21: Red Smoke Escape ‘
  • Bakudou #39: Enkosen - ’ Way of Binding #39: Arc Shield ‘

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Onigumo [Inazuna Takashi]
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