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 Armonia, The Unbreachable castle [Espada]

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PostSubject: Armonia, The Unbreachable castle [Espada]   Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:01 pm

Arrancar Template


---I have seen far beyond this imperfect world, into a tomorrow that doesn't include you.---

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Abigail
Hollow Aliases: Armonia, The Unbreachable Castle
Gender: Female
Age: 821
Birth Date: May 28th
Rank Status: Cero Espada [Race Leader]
Cero Color: Light Blue
Aspect of Death: Vigilance
Hollow Hole Location: Where her heart would be, located on the right side of the chest.


Armonia is a slender female with pale skin despite the harsh desert of Hueco Mundo, standing at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and a weight of 127 pounds overall. She lacks muscle tone in most of her body , hiding her large amount of strength from others as a result. Her hair is long, riding down to her waist and holds a dual nature color to it that's quite similar to her own dual opposing natures of shinigami and arrancar, being black on the left side and white on the right side. Her eyes hold a light turquoise color to them, held by the structures she creates as well. Rarely does anything but a frown come on her face, with the occasional light smile grazing across her lips for but a moment.  Located on the outside of her hand, a light blue tattoo with the number 0 is clearly visible, designating her rank among the arrancar.

Her clothing appears to have been carefully considered by her, wearing black pantyhose on her legs along with an accompanying long sleeved shirt that did little to obscure her stomach area. However, over this she appears tow ear a modified Qipao that reaches slighly down her waist area, at which point it's obscured with a few pieces of white cloth that stretch around this midsection. They're white and black, reflecting her arrancar nature with the occasional dash of blue helping to outline her features.Within her hair she wears a large blue diamondlike structure created with the use of her powers, using it to help keep her hair in place. Around her neck is a collar of some sort with a blue light constantly blinking on and off depending on how much of her current power she is using. According to her it serves no practical purpose other then for fashion.

Her outfit changes depending on the world she is in, mirroring the primary people she seems to have a problem with in that particular world, excluding her home. Should she be in the Human World for whatever reason and has had time to prepare herself beforehand, she models herself to look similar to a quincy. Wearing her hair in a small bushy ponytail behind her, she wears flowing over-sized white dress shirts emblazoned with blue target symbols on them, as if taunting a quincy to shoot her directly in the target area. The mocking does not appear to stop there, wearing earrings modeled after the most common quincy cross on each of her ears and an additional bangle on her wrist which she calls her 'quincy bangle'. In addition, she wears a pair of glasses with false lenses, claiming that she needs them to even have a chance of hitting the broad side of a barn.

While in the Shinigami World, she appears to keep her hair down much like she does in the regular world. However, her clothes are now similar to a captains, wearing a White Haori over the Shihakushō with a giant kanji for the number 1, signifying her rank as an arrancar while parodying the divisions all of the shinigami are found in. The sleeves of her Shihakushō extend far past her hands, making it so that she has to roll them up in order to pick things up effectively, oddly enough though the lower part of her clothes seem to be a perfect fit. She wears a fake katana on the left side of her body while in this get up, in order to emulate the look of a standard shinigami.


--This world, is nothing but an endlessly repeating cycle of despair. We, the espada shall be the entity that jams and breaks those gears--
'Armonia is at first glance a serious and nearly stoic woman with only a small movement of the lips to tell people how she's feeling[Hint: It's usually in a frown]. However when she speaks she seemingly puts great thought into each and every word she says, as if she had practiced talking for every angle she could face in a conversation, over and over again until she was exhausted from the sheer number of possibilities. In addition, depsite her dreams for the realms at large her demeanor oftentimes  seems cold or contradictory to how one would expect someone like her to act. She'll oftentimes throw herself in the way of an attack if she realizes her ally wouldn't be able to take it, without taking into consideration whether or not she -herself- can take it. In her words, this is so that they may see the tomorrow Armonia wishes to create. Everyone deserves to see it, and bring an end to the endless cycle of despair.

One will often spot her thinking when not in the middle of businesslike matters, or even in a battle if they're lucky. She's constantly thinking about the future, and how her vision of it could be achieved, while also running over any speeches she could do to improve the moral of her own troops. She fully realizes barely any of them are loyal to her, and only follow her out of the power she holds or for wants to kill her, or even more trivial reasons. Armonia allows it purely so she can hold every piece of the chessboard that she can into her hands, even if it means the occasional illegal move that would ensure her victory.

Within battle, her personality remains as casual as if she was engaging in a particularly interesting conversation. She will converse with the opponent, as if attempting to pry them open and defeat them with words rather then pure brute force, oftentimes sharing bitter words with the enemy, taunting and demoralizing them. She views anyone that would fight her as a fool, not because she believes she could easily defeat them, but because she finds a battle of words and philosophies to be much more fulfilling then pure combat and anyone that would disregard that for the sake of fighting is worth little of her time.

Armonia is surprisingly a strong believer in romance, and thinks it's possible for anyone to fall in love with another person, even if they're races apart. As a result, when coversing with a person she likes she'll ask them if they'd like to bear her children rather bluntly. Even if they're in the middle of a battle to the death or otherwise serious context. Strangely enough Armonia does not do this with members of the espada, preferring to keep her distance from them. This is one of the rare instances in which you may spot more then a frown gracing her lips, as whenever she askes it Armonia truly does mean it as a serious offer. Of course, she has yet to meet anyone who has accepted the offer, either out of fear of just simply not being interested in her.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability: Diamonst Dust: Armonia's ability allows her to form her pure spiritual energy into diamondlike constructs which are able to resist zanpaktou attacks easily, and are able to be manipulated and levitated through her power as well. They're usually formed as diamondlike shards of varying sizes, but can be melded together to form a large assortment of things, including such things as swords, shields, or even minor things such as cups. Of course, being they're made out of a single thing, complex objects requiring more then one component are futile, as all that would be made is a sculpture of the object in question. Befitting a being such as her, the variable nature of her power enables her to use them for multiple purposes including that of utility. Of important thing to note is that she can create and control them mentally, but the she requires the use of her arms to do more complex movements with them. For example, she could fire one at you by simply thinking it, but it would be lacking severely in power and would be more like a thrown baseball. Meanwhile, if she directed and fired it with the use of her arms, it'd be fored more akin to a bullet. Their formation is perhaps what is most admirable about them, they start out as dustlike particles that quickly gather in number as they are compressed from her pure spiritual energy, and then rapidly compress together into the object that she wishes to create. It is for this reason her ability is named diamond dust. For damage purposes, her diamond dust structures and attacks are considered to be equivalent to her Ress Skill level. Construction of objects depends on the size and complexity, for things the size of a dagger, up to ten can be created in a single post. Things the size of a bathtub require 2 posts, anything higher is variable, with the biggest object she can create being a sculpture of a 25 foot christmass tree, which would take 8 posts to make.

-- Diamond Hiero: Her Hierro holds traces of her diamondlike constructs within it, making it so that she's able to withstand level 3 unreleased zanjutsu/shikai attacks. The weakness however, lies in its resistance to blunt objects. While it can withstand level 3 zanjutsu/shikai attacks that are cutting in nature, it breaks instantly upon meeting level 2 Hakuda and she must rely purely on her natural Hierro to take attacks and Level 2 shikai which revolves around blunt attacks have the same effect, being forced to rely on just her natural Hierro without her diamond augmentation. To repair her diamond hierro requires 2 posts [On her part, not combined] [In simpler terms, this means her diamond augmentation is null but her hierro skill is still active after having been gotten through, due to the way Hierro works.]

  • Level 3

  • Level 3

  • Level 3 + Steel Skin

    Cero / Bala
  • Level 3

  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time


--Even I have a tale-

Life as a beast
---Glorious Ascension---


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PostSubject: Re: Armonia, The Unbreachable castle [Espada]   Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:34 am

Bit iffy about the 2 posts requirement for Diamond Hierro to repair it self, so if any problems/complications arise in the future, don't be surprised if it needs to be edited. Everything else is fine, nice history. Exemplary.

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Armonia, The Unbreachable castle [Espada]
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